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The beauty of the new year: start preparing now!

Getting ready for the new year now that we have left less than a month - it is neither more nor less. But it is enough to meet 2016 year prettier, postroynevshey, and if necessary - and rejuvenated, their recommendations also provides a portal home.

To tone and vitality: vitamin

Start taking vitamins: a positive impact on skin and hair condition. Effect just have to wait four weeks: 28 days it takes the skin cells renewal.

Improve your figure fitness, massages, body wraps

A little less than a month - ample time to go to the gym and to have time to "pull" the shape, strengthen the muscles. Many Hollywood stars are beginning to prepare for the ceremony just for this time-intensive exercising 4-5 once a week for a month, you can achieve the same result as three months - during training 2 times a week.

Four weeks will be enough to take a course of anti-cellulite massage (manual or hardware - techniques set the cost of procedures is typically starts at 50 euros schedule - of 2-3 times a week, lasting and noticeable effect is to wait just after 12-15 procedures ) or wraps figure modeling (for 8-12 treatments twice a week, you can throw up to 3-5 centimeters in waist and thighs).

When it comes to the correction, the most effective wrap - seaweed and mud, for example in the cosmetics Algologie, Algotherm, Algodermia, Natura Bisse, Thermes Marins de Saint Malo and other brands specializing in thalassotherapy (the cost of an average of 60-70 euros per procedure) . By the way, it is possible to combine a corrective massage wraps: the effect will be noticeable soon.

A month before the New Year, you can go at least four sessions of mesotherapy (from 50 euro, once a week) or to make a couple of superficial peels (the most comfortable and effective in this case - chemicals such as glycol or Multiacid, an average of 30 euros for the procedure, times 10-14 days).

Full course - 4-6 sessions of peeling and 8-10 - mesotherapy, but the effect is visible already after the second procedure: improve the complexion, the skin becomes more hydrated, supple and smooth, and fine wrinkles are less visible.

Look younger and get rid of wrinkles: injections of beauty

Start them in early December. Biorevitalization IAL-System and other hyaluronic acid will smooth and moisturize the skin, improve the shape of the face and the face itself will become rested appearance after the first procedure. Second you need to plan now and to do it in the New Year's holiday or 7-10 days before New Year, to traces of injections have passed, and the skin has had time to recover.

If you want to get rid of facial lines and wrinkles - help out fillers and botulinum toxin injections (the French drug Botox, Disport or German counterpart Xeomin). At the same time various injections rarely do: generally beginning to inject fillers, and then Botox. So what you have in reserve should be sufficient time and a break between treatments (usually need a week), and the restoration of the skin. After the introduction of drugs ("beauty shots" will cost an average of EUR 60 for the procedure), doctors recommend 7-10 days to abstain from alcohol, so that injections of beauty is to finish before the start of New Year celebrations.

The main salon treatments, after which the skin is required is enough prolonged recovery ("cleansing" the face, mesotherapy, etc.) Must be completed no later than a week before important events.

Perfect Hairstyle: hairstyle, coloring, intensive care

If your hair is damaged, they need intensive care, which must begin no later than 3 weeks before the holiday. And the best - in the past month. The best option - salon treatment, including head massage - to improve blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles and masks with natural oils, proteins or collagen - for fast hair restoration.

Typically, Hollywood stars prefer to use Alterna means with black truffle oil and caviar proteins and Moroccanoil argan oil quickly back to life even badly damaged hair. However, there is at least a good brand of professional hair cosmetics, for example, Matrix, Kerastase, etc. We have an impressive line of brands and for home care. For quick resuscitation of hair can also try a mask with the addition of egg yolk and brandy, as well as burdock oil. This is such a budget, home option, or you can try a new series Eleo from Oriflame hair care products with argan oil and rose extract of burdock root and Vitamin F (from 500 rub.) Or restoring line L`oreal, oils, ruler Garnier Fructis SOS oil amly, promised to restore hair in the three applications.

Make an appointment with the hairdresser for a convenient time in the near future: to radically change hair style or hair color is best not later than two weeks before the New Year. There will be time to get used to the new image, and if you still do not get used - will have time to change the image again. In addition, after clipping the hair takes time to "lay down" perfectly - usually up to two weeks, so in the past 7-10 days before the New Year is better to restrict duty trimming tips, coloring or shading the roots.

Important strokes: do look - eyebrows, eyelashes

Sign up for a manicure, eyebrow shaping and eyelash: master already know their work schedule in December, and it is still possible to choose a convenient time. Soon it will not be! So now is a correction plan and dyeing eyebrows, eyelashes for 7-10 days before the New Year (from 7-15 euros for the procedure).

Will schedule treatments now, you will do them without haste - and even have time to choose a new make-up or make-up visit (consultation with individual selection of make-up in the average cost of 10-15 euros almost indefinitely - depending on the name and status of the make-up artist). Also determine the day to visit the master of manicure and pedicure (manicure - 15-17 euros, pedicure - of 20-25 euros). Before the New Year record will not be too great would amount comers.

Homework: serum, masks and sleep ...

Now is not the time to radically change the system of care for the skin and begin to experiment with new names: not known how to react to the skin. Better simply to pay increased attention to its moisturizing once a week, make a mask and supplement the usual intensive care serum. Verified fighters beauty - quickly leads to a feeling dehydrated skin Intensive Hydrating Serum Hydra Quench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase from Clarins, anti-aging serum-bestseller Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum by Estee Lauder, regenerating serum Pro-Heal Serum Advance + from iS Clinical - SOS- This preparation, a saving of almost all beauty-problems, starting with the ending of wrinkles and skin irritation, rosacea and acne. More low cost, but also the well-proven double champions whey cream Total Effects 7 In One of Olay) and serum-corrector wrinkles around the eyes from the Anew Clinical Avon.

But the main secret of beauty, which is the motto of the entire month do - sleep. Good sleep sometimes can replace cosmetic care - if masks, serums and other means towards the end of the month will not have time.