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Makeup for the New Year 2014

At a meeting of the new year, we tried to follow the Eastern traditions and signs in order to attract good luck, love and wealth in our house. But manic buying another figure, the symbol and cooking meals on a festive table on strictly defined recipes, we do makeup - are accustomed to, and hair - the same for "exit". How long have we reconsider your style?

New Year's Eve - a great opportunity to experiment on their way. Especially because at each symbol of the coming year, there are many different images that promise good luck in the new year. So, if you believe in omens eastern - not start with recipes and variations on the theme of "Year of the Horse Olivier", and with yourself. Let's find out what kind of make-up on New Year 2014 worth making.

Makeup for Year of the Horse - focus on eye

So, in the Year of the Horse make-up should be bright, with emphasis on the eyes. So you will please the mistress of the year, which by nature are intelligent and expressive eyes and cheekbones - clear.

The technique of creating makeup for New Year 2014

The technique of creating makeup for the New Year 2014:

• As always start with leveling base under makeup. Concealer, a couple of shades lighter natural skin tone zamazh dark circles and pimples (if any).
• Apply a tone. It may be a tight foundation and lightweight BB Cream - it's up to you - it all depends on the skin condition. In any case, imperfections in artificial light will not be as noticeable as the day on the street.
• The next step - eyebrows. Carefully plucked and some underlined in pencil - the perfect option. Do not make them a la tattoo - at our make-up, they will look too heavy and distract attention away from the eyes.
• Next - the eyes themselves. They must be clear and expressive. To do this, use black or brown eyeliner. Rub it on the lash line on the upper eyelid. Next - light, even better white or silver shadow. Then - the second liner layer. Give a little dry, then apply mascara in two or three layers. Also let dry. We take for the lower eyelid. Here is the graphic quality do not. Suffice it to brown or dark gray pencil simply designate the lower eyelid.
• Lips with this beautiful makeup should be delineated, use no lipstick and gloss is not too bright shade to the lips do not distract attention away from the eyes.
• And to top it off - the cheekbones. Denote them quite bright and clear, do not hesitate to use darker blush than wearing day.

This makeup is popular in world cinema, especially when removed actresses, the heroine of which is very beautiful. This Angelica performed Michele Mercier, and Juliette from "And God Created Woman", the legendary Brigitte Bordeaux, Vivien Leigh and Scarlett.

So enjoy this win-win and happy makeup and luck just will not leave you in the new year. She rarely leaves the beautiful women!

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