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Sacks, bruises, crow's feet: solving the problems of the skin around the eyes

Eyes - the mirror of the soul. And the skin around the eye - shows the state of your health and age.

Writer Margaret Hungerford once said phrase that has become a cruise: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Unlikely she took to be a lovely dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, hernia or swelling under the eyes that pull a by all the attention.

How to cope with all these problems and make your look tempting?

Dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles, which are also called black eyes - is stagnation of blood flowing through the veins located beneath the surface of the skin in the eye area. Bruises are usually formed on the lower eyelid, less frequently in okoloorbitalnoy area. Often they are caused by the following factors:

- If the lower eyelid skin is very thin, and the capillaries and blood vessels close to the surface, they shine through the skin and create a kind of blue. It's just an anatomical feature peculiar to some people.
- Changes in the form of blue and dark circles often associated with chronic sleep deprivation, exhaustion, fatigue, looseness of the nervous system.
- Dark circles under the eyes can talk about the problems with the liver, kidneys, hormonal imbalance, indicate an endocrine problem, lack of lymphatic and venous outflow.
- Circles under the eyes can be genetically determined. As a rule, they appear in people with olive skin tone, which is a darker shade around the eyes. It looks like a bruise, although the feature is just pigmentation.

How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes at home

To correct bruising under the eyes need tools that improve blood circulation, promote venous outflow - this herbal extracts gialouranovaya acid, collagen, amino acids. Basically, they are composed of gels, creams, serums with roller applicators, patches and tissue collagen masks.

To achieve positive results and get rid of dark circles under the eyes, you need to sleep, rest and more walk in the fresh air. Useful walks before bedtime.

If you have a problem of dark circles under the eyes, to give up the time stimulating drinks - no energy and caffeine!

Keep in mind that such cosmetic drawback may be hiding some serious disorder of body functions. And this problem is best solved in the office of a general practitioner, who will refer you for tests and prescribe medication.

How to remove dark circles under the eyes with the help of salon procedures

Beautician can offer you a procedure that also contribute to the rapid restoration of blood microcirculation.

Beneficial effect on the capillaries and provides drainage microcurrent therapy.

Mesotherapy stimulates the flow of excess fluid, reduces the size of vessels and the manifestation of blue under the eyes.

Facial massage improves venous and lymphatic flow, reduces swelling of blood vessels, translucent under the eyes.

Circulation also improve hardware techniques: ultrasound, vacuum, cryotherapy treatment sessions course athermal laser.


You can find them in the morning, looking in the mirror, he immediately remembered the lack of sleep during the week, or about a bottle of water drunk at night.

Edema indicates a problem in the exchange of body fluids. She is going under the eyes, where the skin is thinnest. Although there are other factors influencing the occurrence of edema. If you list them briefly, the most popular - is:

- Fatigue, lack of sleep.
- Food and water - or rather, excessive consumption of salty foods and water before bedtime.
- Violation limfootoka in orbital region may be due to kidney disease, thyroid disease, conjunctivitis, inflammation of the sinuses. Election swelling of the upper eyelid - a sign of possible violations of the cardiovascular system, or metabolic disorders of potassium.
- Allergy to cosmetics, cigarette smoke and other provocateurs causes swelling in the eye area.
- In adulthood swelling appear due to the formation of hernias. Hernia - this is nothing like Sweep adipose tissue, which stores water and creates the appearance of edema.
- With age, the skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag, filled with fluid and there is swelling.
- Swelling may occur due to a hereditary defect in which the fat around the eyeball protrudes forward because of weakened muscles.

How to remove the puffiness in the home

From folk remedies to quickly remove the swelling helps the rub ice cubes made, for example, from the infusion of calendula and contrast compresses decoction of sage.

You help out the tea bags. Tea fit any: tealeaf left from dinner, or freshly brewed, but then cooled. Put the tea bags under the eyes to 10 minutes, then remove.

If you do not want to contemplate the puffiness in the morning, for 2 hours before bedtime, do not use salt and spicy food, as well as liquid.

Cosmetics that help to quickly remove the swelling should improve blood circulation and drainage. These processes contribute to components such as vitamin C, tsenttella Asian, arnica, caffeine.

How to remove the puffiness in the cabin

If the problem you are constantly worried about swelling, it is first necessary to pass tests to understand the cause of the problem. Aesthetic medicine and hurries to help you and is ready to offer the whole menu to get rid of edema:

Drainage massage can help a person. Massage improves blood circulation and nutrition of tissues and normalizes metabolism and also helps to remove decay products through the pores. More recommended 10 sessions.

Microcurrent therapy helps. It promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, restores tone facial muscles, provides lymphatic drainage, eliminates stagnation of fluid in the subcutaneous tissues. The skin becomes elastic, oval face - clear. Requires 7-9 sessions.

You can also try to take a course of professional masks. Allows you to quickly get rid of swelling. Masks effective by members of the components, removing excess fluid from under the skin.

Hernia under the eyes

Hernia look like bloated space filled with fat, they often form under the lower eyelid. The main reasons for their appearance - is:

- Age, as hernias usually under the eyes are one of the signs of aging. Over time, the tone of the circular muscles of the face is reduced, thin skin of the eyelids becomes less elastic and sags. These factors lead to the fact that subcutaneous fat begins to sag and permanently "squeezed" under the lower eyelid. The result is ugly hernia.
- Regular use of poor-quality cosmetics or cosmetics that was not intended for the skin around the eyes, also can cause a hernia. Thin and delicate skin around the eyes requires special care.
- One of the reasons for hernia - congenital anatomical features. In this case, the hernia is to begin to form 25 years.
- Unhealthy lifestyles, stress, poor diet and bad habits also affect the appearance of hernias.

How to get rid of under eye hernias in the cabin

If the hernia has already appeared, no fashionable cosmetics, and even more popular recipes here will not help. Situation will correct blepharoplasty (operating technique which allows to remove various shortcomings in the eye).

If the hernia has not yet appeared, and you know that are predisposed to them (for example, see the problem from his mother), or they are at an early stage, disaster can be averted. The best way to treat - is prevention through hardware cosmetology (miolifting adapted RF method) or massage courses that need to be repeated twice a year. These procedures strengthen muscles ligaments, muscle tissue and stimulating the metabolism in tissues, not allowing the hernia to form and develop.

In some cases, when the hernia at an early stage, possibly injectable lipolitikov - drugs that destroy fat cells.

Wrinkles around the eyes

First "crow's feet" around the eyes and wrinkles under the eyes can appear in 25 years. The main reasons for their appearance - is:

- Active mimicry. If you have a thin skin of the eyelids (the thickness is less than a millimeter), and you have an active facial expressions, you can get wrinkles already 25 years.
- Lack of hydration. The skin of the eyelids is very thin, has no sebaceous glands. Lipid barrier in this area is often violated due to improper care, weather factors and stress. As a result of moisture from the deeper layers of the skin evaporates quickly dries the dermis, and in this area formed a fine mesh of wrinkles.
- Violation of the synthesis and recovery of protein structures, deep dehydration of the skin are often provoked by abuse sunbathing and solarium. As a result, wrinkles around the eyes are not forced to wait.
- With age the tone and elasticity of the collagen fibers in the area around the eyes, this process increases the amount and depth of wrinkles.

Eliminate wrinkles home remedies

Beginning with 20 years under prevention on your dressing table should settle funds that build and restore the skin's protective barrier, and well moistened.

Select funds, which is composed of aloe vera extract, hyaluronic acid, wheat germ oil, avocado oil or shea butter, vitamin F, peptide complexes (tetra-and tripeptides or biomimetic peptides). Such a composition can contain good creams, masks, patches, gels and serums.

Salon treatments to remove wrinkles

To moisturize the skin around the eyes is performed in salons Biorevitalisation and mesotherapy. Both methods aim to saturate the skin or hyaluronic acid useful components, which not only moisturize the skin, but also stimulates the synthesis of new collagen.

To correct zone "crow's feet" and use Botox (botulinum toxin preparations), which relaxes the circular muscle of the eye, which leads to wrinkles.

Result in muscle tone and restore skin tone and hardware techniques: microcurrent therapy, radiofrequency laser. Procedure CO2-laser resurfacing allows smooth even the deepest wrinkles.

Various chemical peels allow more aggressive influence on the structure of the skin, stimulate cell metabolism active and run the processes of formation of collagen fibers. As a result, this procedure allows you to quickly smooth out wrinkles.

Overhanging eyelid

Impending eyelid its owners more often than not seen as a problem - for example, this does not suffer the natural features actress Blake Lively, Lucy Liu and Camilla Belle. Number of master classes on makeup for the impending century tens of thousands, and it turns out it's very easy to disguise.

But Estheticians call this feature the problem and recommend to get rid of it. The main reasons, which may be caused by the effect of the overhang century are:

- Age-related weakening of skin ligaments that connect to muscles that raise the upper eyelid. Lost its elasticity skin of the upper eyelid is stretched and sagging. Weakening of ligament-muscular apparatus of the upper eyelid leads to protrusion under the skin of the orbital tissue, ie the formation of fatty hernia. Excess skin on the upper eyelids may be aggravated by the omission of the eyebrows with the skin of the forehead and temporal region of the tissue.
- Overhanging eyelid may be a natural feature of the birth. This is due to the individual characteristics of the structure of epithelial tissues of the face, particularly muscle, subcutaneous tissue and skin around the eye area. Further, if the impending eyelid begins to affect vision and break charts, this problem is best to get rid of.

Salon treatments against overhanging century

Fix the defect is possible with the plastic upper eyelids - blepharoplasty.

If this is stretching the skin with age (40-45 years), it will help the procedure Thermage (Thermage CPT), RF termolifting, which is three-dimensional sealing and compress stretched skin. It can supplement the course fractional laser Fraxel.

At the initial stage, when the overhanging eyelid just appeared, you can keep this process therapeutic methods and injections of botulinum toxin.

Redness and inflammation of the eye

Long sitting at the computer, working, not looking? No wonder, then, that in the evening you get home with red inflamed eyes, like Dracula. However, there are several reasons that contribute to inflammation and redness in the eye area:

- A wrong eye cream. You can not use creams with fat nutritional basics, as well as acids. Pick a special cream for the eye area, and to enhance the effect, perhaps, and whey.
- Unprotected skin in windy and freezing weather. Before going out for at least an hour, apply the cream to the area around the eyes, and the remaining areas of skin - nourishing. In any case, be used in freezing weather moisturizer, it will exacerbate the problem.
- Lack of sleep and fatigue. Recommendation - sleep at least 8-9 hours walk in the fresh air and rest.
- It may be an allergic reaction to cosmetics ingredients or to any other allergens manifestation infections (eg, conjunctivitis).

What can be done against red eyes

First of all, try to change the makeup and avoid contact with allergens.

We strongly encourage you to visit an ophthalmologist and find out the cause of the redness. Because most often a problem - the lot of people who are prone to allergic reactions, and the owners of sensitive skin.

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