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Why does not age Halle Berry: Beauty Secrets charming actress

What helps Halle Berry to stay young?

Halle Berry says 14 50 August-anniversary. In this hard to believe: it firm and taut skin, it does not have wrinkles and always - fresh and rested appearance! What helps the actress to look perfect?

Special diet and active lifestyle

In 23 year Halle Berry learned that patients with diabetes. Because the diagnosis of the actress was forced to observe a special diet: eat small portions 5-6 times a day and to exclude from the diet of sugar. Then Holly gave up cigarettes and alcohol and began to train hard, focusing on cardio.

Then you start to take care of yourself: what and when to eat, how you sleep, how many weigh (in my case was the danger of exhaustion, not obesity) - thus willy-nilly, think more about themselves, and constructively, not soul-searching mode

Halle Berry
в interview with Psychologies magazine

A good beautician

Halle Berry claims that so far refused to plastics and even never pricked Botox (in which, however, looking at her picture, believe it is problematic enough). The only thing the actress admits she regularly attends cosmetologist. According to the dark-skinned beauty, she 3-4 times a year goes to the person who "understands" her skin. In addition, she is always in a cream with the SPF, the skin does not suffer from the sun.

I want to be myself. Even if it's a little old version of me. I think if you abuse even small cosmetic procedures, as a result, you no longer look like the

Halle Berry
in an interview with Yahoo

Court shoes for every situation

Growth actress - 166 centimeters. But she tries to visually lengthen legs - for example, by means of shoes-boats. Once Berry said that sometimes does not remove them ... even during lovemaking!

I'm not made for high fashion - I do not have the "right" of the body. When I want to dress nicely, my designer - is Roberto Cavalli, and even Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Calvin Klein

Halle Berry
in an interview with Harper's Bazaar

Breastfeeding for recovery after childbirth

The actress - mother of two children. The first child was born when Holly was 42 years, she gave birth to a second general in 47! However, Berry quickly returned to form: according to her, lose weight help breastfeeding.

With regard to the preservation of the bust in shape, here in Holly I have a recipe: Mom taught her always, even while sleeping, wear a good support bra.

Every mother should breastfeed the child, it will help all to come to the original weight. And, of course, you need to eat right

Halle Berry
in an interview with TV Show Extra

Avoiding excessive makeup in everyday life

There is a place where you can definitely catch Halle Berry without makeup - it's a plane! The actress is not painted during the flight, because the skin needs to relax. In addition, it is recognized that with age in general has become painted in everyday life is much less than before. According to the actress, it allows a person look younger.

I love flying with a fresh face. If immediately after the arrival of running the event, put in your hand luggage products for face care. Then, as soon unfasten the seat belt, I rush to the bathroom to brush up

Halle Berry
in an interview with the magazine Conde Nast Traveller

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