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Slimming type figures: the rules and errors

Tailored to suit your figure type with weight loss is very important not to hurt yourself ignorant approach to nutrition and training. As "pear" to get rid of his breeches and lose weight in the legs, and "apple" goodbye to tummy? In this article, we will tell who what rules should be followed and what mistakes to avoid.

The first thing to remember everyone, regardless of the type of shape - our body can not get rid of excess weight locally and lose weight "as a whole", and from problem areas, which each type of shape your fat goes last. That's why you can not get rid of the tummy, shaking press or lose weight in the legs, making special exercises. But there are certain features of training and nutrition that will help you adjust the proportions of the figure, depending on your individual needs.


Pears have fragile "top" and quite heavy "bottom". Girls with a figure of this type to be their problem area the legs and buttocks. As a rule, all they want to do fitness or from sitting on a diet - to reduce your hips and get rid of the hated cellulite. The majority of them commit the same error: start furiously pumping legs and as a result only add lower body massiveness. Perfect Recipe for Weight Loss "pear" they seem unexpected!

Training. "Pear" shown a lot of cardio (any aerobics, running, walking uphill) and weight training with a focus on the "top" - back, chest, arms and shoulders. Do not be afraid to "siphon": to become a Schwarzenegger, you do not have enough testosterone. Exercising so you'll burn fat, lose weight finally in the legs and upper body will make more relief. "Focusing on strength training for the upper body, while not forgetting about cardio aerobic exercise in the gym and group programs - the Council Yegor Pavlov, personal trainer, instructor group programs club X-FIT Marino. - Less attention should be paid to exercise power with more weight leg squats and lunges. In power blocks on top of the body, use traction, bending, presses, push-ups, and exercises, developing arm muscles, and exercises, including the work of muscles bark. "

Food. Forget about strict diet: after sitting on them, you get protruding ribs and thin arms, while the excess fat on the buttocks will remain with you. Your task is simple - to count calories, making sure not to cross the border of its rules to eliminate harmful foods: meats, sausages, sugar and products made with white flour, try to get in the diet have been a good source of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and fiber, such as porridge, meat, fish, vegetables.


'Apples' without exercise and dietary restrictions reasonable risk becoming bun on thin legs: fat they postponed mainly on the abdomen, chest, arms. Girls with this type of dream figures "to remove belly fat" ... and begin to press for this download. Meanwhile, in order to effectively lose weight, they need to follow a few simple rules.

Training. "Pay attention aerobic activities: track, ellipsoid, stepper, exercise bike - advises coach. - In group programs choose classical and step aerobics: such exercise will reduce body fat mass. " Also, experts recommend "apples" to pay attention to fashion lately functional training: it exercises performed with the weight of his own body, as with special equipment (balls, various adaptations for balance training), and without it. Functional training, among other things develop excellent coordination and flexibility. "Another great option for this type of training shapes ─ is Pilates - said the coach. - It will help to strengthen the muscles bark that visually make your stomach more relief.

Food. Balanced diet has not been canceled. However, in addition look for products that help gently cleanse the body, such as yogurt with bran, oatmeal, flax seeds. Such courses cleansing with a sensible diet and exercise will help you get rid of the tummy. Desirable to carry out several times a year.


Severe chest, slender waist, rounded hips - the proportion of girls with type figure "hourglass" themselves ideal. How to lose weight and it does not spoil the natural gifts?

Training. This morphotype our expert as "apple", recommends functional training (what it is, see above).

"For women with this type of figure is perfect in one workout alternating cardio and strength," - says the coach. That is, for example, you do a few exercises, and then go on 5 minutes on the treadmill or an ellipse (or take up the rope), and then perform the desired exercise again and again go to cardio - and so the whole exercise. These lessons will help you get rid of the fat and preserve the beautiful proportions. "Symmetrical load the upper body as well as bottom. For example, "strip" - a great exercise that not only will not spoil, but rather to consolidate the results "- advises Egor Pavlov.

Food. You are incredibly lucky to lose weight your body is more evenly distributed and the waist is still quite thin. To get in shape, try to stick to the basic rules of healthy eating, dine in 3 hours before bedtime (about myth "do not eat after 18» advise you to forget), and if you wanted sweet - eat a treat in the morning.


The main feature of "rectangles" - the lack of a pronounced waist. Their hips rather straight, and the extra weight of a girl with this type of figure is rarely affected. "Rectangle" may disturb the loss of muscle tone, cellulite and the dream of a wasp waist ... which, alas, is unattainable.

Training. The worst thing you can do - it exercises on the obliques (eg, bending with the weight) from the waist they will only become wider. But with proper training, you can add volume hips and buttocks, and make the figure more feminine.

"For this type of figure is not necessary to work out obliques slopes greater weight. In their workouts include more strength training to increase breasts and thighs that visually accentuate your waist, under the type of figure. And for the abdominal muscles using forward and backward twisting obliques they also will participate, "- says our expert.

"Your all" - a classic squats and lunges with dumbbells, as well as other exercises that involve muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Food. Because the "rectangles" virtually gaining excess weight, they are often indiscriminate and harmful eating habits: skip meals and eat plenty at night abusing sweet. For example, can have breakfast sausage, forget about lunch and dinner cake. The main thing for them - remember the health and choose those foods that provide the body the necessary nutrients not sausage and meat and fish, not cakes and fruit, not fried potatoes and cereals, wholemeal bread and vegetables. It is also very important to eat regularly, at least three, and preferably five or six times a day, but gradually. Correct eating habits not only improve the health and well-being, but also, along with exercises to help you build a beautiful womanly figure.

"Inverted Triangle"

The girls with the type of shape shoulders wider hips, medium or large breasts, narrow hips and flat buttocks. Their dream - to lose weight "from above" and add a "fifth point" volume.

Training. "Indispensable part of the training program do exercises to increase the volume of the hips and buttocks: various types of squats and lunges. Avoid working with more weight on the upper body. To use the top exercises with more repetitions and average weight "- our expert recommends. So do not hesitate, especially at first, to choose for training shoulders "Barbie-gantelki": and let the huge men in the hall looking at you with affection. But to train legs and buttocks you can with a rather serious weight (of course, when you reach the desired level of training). Your options cardio - those that can simultaneously work out legs: stepper, treadmill and an ellipse. But "rowing machine" in your case it is better to yield to the enemy.

Food. If your goal - to increase the thighs and buttocks, take care of a sufficient amount of protein (meat, fish, seafood, eggs, cottage cheese) in the diet. Carbohydrates in your menu should be mainly complex (brown rice, buckwheat, whole grain bread). Simple carbohydrates (sweets, white flour products, bananas, grapes) should be avoided at all or drink very moderately in the first half of the day, as they will contribute to the deposition of fat in your problem areas.

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