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Trends in Plastic Surgery

The major trends in said plastic surgeon and owner of the clinic "beauty time" Otari Gogiberidze.

What now there are trends in plastic surgery for men and women?

As always, at the peak of the popularity of the classic of the genre is mammoplasty and rhinoplasty. In connection with the popularization of sports and elastic bodies, many people here want to get a round, tightened fifth point right now. Indications for surgery may be flattened buttocks, caused by either a genetic structure or weight loss. During the operation, which lasts about an hour, special gluteal implants are placed between the two muscles. They are not contoured after the operation, and it is not at all clear that there is something foreign. After the operation, the recovery period lasts about a month, during which you need to wear compression linen.

Also in the trend is a midface lift of the face using an incision as an access, as with lower blepharoplasty. Simultaneously, the removal of hernia of the lower eyelid, the tightening of superfluous skin of the lower eyelid, through this access under the periosteum, an endotinous implant is established, which is fixed to the bone with a special resorbable screw. The material itself, from which endotin is made, resolves, but due to a long period of biodegradation (resorption), a strong biological fixation of the tissues takes place. The effect of lifting the middle zone of the face persists for more than five years. Further on the indications, you can do a second operation.

Other operations include age endoscopic forehead lift, midface lift (a very handy technique is recommended for both women and men).

When lifting the lower region of the face is used to access and present the classical section of the parotid sinks and platizmoplastika, ie plastic neck. Indications for surgery - is slack submental area, in this case the incision under the chin length from 2-4 cm depending on the size of the operation, and through the detachment of the skin of the neck is made.

What is the most recent trend in plastic surgery?

Basically, today we are using a seamless technique tightening postoperative wounds, ie subdermal seam that bioresorbable, and the wound edges are reduced very tight and glued together with special strips, through which one month is applied to a certain ointment that improves the quality of formed scar, which, in turn, It leads to a virtually invisible seam.

Are there any trends in the recovery process after surgery?

The recovery period from one year to one and the same, there can be no innovation. If we are talking about mammoplasty, it is wearing compression underwear if rhinoplasty, in the course of the year - seeing a doctor.

Popular whether the operation is now on her knees and elbows?

Kneel operation is still very popular. In this operation, the fat is removed via liposuction. Operations at the elbows are not popular at that time, despite the fact that the bingo-wings can be treacherously hanging. In America and Europe it is one of the most popular operations. We have such interventions are rare, and this is due to the fact that a large incision is made. If in this area only confuse fat, then the situation can be corrected by liposuction with low invasiveness. Operation is easily tolerated and gives a perfect result.

What are the trends in intimate plastic men and women?

Women popular operation - the point is to increase G. This is a good procedure that can be performed even without anesthesia. Most often increase occurs by injection of hyaluronic acid, it helps to feel themselves more attractive to women, and to establish an intimate life.
Correction of the labia minora - the second most popular operation, plus the restoration of the vaginal walls overstretched. The men are now popular correction of the foreskin.

What are the most unusual plastic surgery there?

Most unusual transactions - a rare, such as the placement of implants in the lower leg, the installation of male breast implants in the area to create a relief chest.

A certain type of surgeons with a basic specialty in gynecology, andrology and urology are engaged in sex change. Intimate plastic is done quickly and does not take a long recovery period, after two or three weeks the patients are already in a normal state. After a change of sex, first a long preparation takes place: the psychiatrist's conclusion, the replacement of documents to prepare for the operation. This operation is multi-stage and involves the preparation of a person - feminization, if a man wants to become a woman, an Adam's apple, hormonal therapy, endoprosthetics of the mammary glands, and then the plastic of the genitals is done. The recovery period after such an operation takes a long time, sometimes a whole year.

There is a trend to reduce the age of the patient?

Yes, this trend really is. Information has become more accessible, many began to realize that when the external defects need not wait much adulthood. Droopy ears operated with 5 years, all other plastic surgery done to 18 years.


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