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Video tutorial: 7 secrets of how to make a perfect skin tone

In anticipation of the final balls makeup artist Tatiana Kaya shares the secrets of how to apply and use the tone correctors to any makeup looked perfect and the most advantageous!

Any make-up starts with the perfect "canvas". But there are the lucky few who can boast perfect skin tone and perfectly straight face, pulled them from nature. However, one can argue with nature - skillfully handling the tonal resources and proofreaders can fix most of her "mistakes". And nothing about such trifles as bruises under his eyes, arising on a background of fatigue or lack of sleep, occasionally darken life pimples and say no!

7 professional advice

1. If you go to the prom, or you will have some important and long evening event, it is better to use tighter tonal resources. Besides, they typically exhibit good opacifying properties.

2. If you are using a dense foundation, for example compact cream powder, it is better to put a large round brush of natural cloth (such commonly used for powder and blush): so you will achieve, on the one hand, good camouflage redness and other defects on the skin, and the other - the tone will not look on the face mask.

3. Causing foundation, move from the center to the periphery of the face, "stretching" brush tone.

4. If you have any facial pimples, inflammation, redness or just use them to disguise creamy apricot (sand) shades. Put it hammered movements, do not take a lot of money at once, if necessary, to conceal, to put it a little better, but in several layers. If you need to get rid of bruises under his eyes, it makes sense to use concealer with a pink midtone.

5. For the study of the skin around the eyes, choose a concealer or skin tone or semitone lighter - looking to give freshness.

6. To look more rested, a small amount of concealer can also be applied to the eyelid moving: the skin there is often darker, and it needs to be brightened. Also, this technique will help to "open" the eye.

7. To make a long held, transparent secure it friable powder. Apply it puff or large brush, "hammered" movements. And do not forget to shake off the excess powder beforehand!

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