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What if I broke a thermometer: advice that saved thousands of people from disaster!

Broken mercury thermometer - a problem that causes panic even in adults. Many people do not know how to properly collect the mercury thermometer and fragments, in order not to cause harm to themselves and their loved ones. Today, our editors will share with you the main rules that must be followed in order not to poison mercury vapors.

What if broken mercury thermometer

  1. Bring all of the places where the thermometer broke, do not forget about pets.
  2. Take advantage of air conditioning to reduce the temperature in the room to 16-18 degrees.
  3. Tightly close the door to the room and opened all the windows.
  4. Make sure that no mercury on clothes or shoes.
  5. Put on rubber gloves and a surgical mask.
  6. Prepare a glass jar with a lid (which is in it you will collect the mercury). Do not forget to fill the jar with water.
  7. Collect balls of mercury using the syringe or syringe and put them in a jar with water. If the floor were small pieces of glass, and gather them with a foam sponge or wet newspaper.

At the end of all the mercury collection procedures need to wash the floor twice with a solution of bleach that contains chlorine. In 1 1 liter of water is used a tablespoon of bleach. Sex should be washed thus 2 times a week for a month. In no case can not throw a jar of mercury collected, it should be referred to specialized institutions, if available in your town.

So simple

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