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Children in the home

With the advent of a child, to young parents inevitably raises the question of how to manage everything and be happy? "Children in the house" - a section dedicated to the organization of time parents with children.

We'll show you how to use proper time management and intelligent assistants from Philips to organize themselves and their lives so that the household chores are not tired, the routine is not irritated, blossoming young mother and a young dad felt that life has become more fun!

Code Housewives

New shoes and hairstyle - to outsiders? And for the family - robe and a mask on his face?

Those women who run daily in the morning for work punctually buy new clothes - because you can not go to work in the same suit. And those who are sitting at home, envy them, and walk in shapeless dresses with hair tied battered rezinochkoy.

And for good reason! Time to change the situation! We housewives can change several times a day - not our office colleagues can say the same?

We want to look the best! After all, our "slave" - ​​is the closest people. And we should try to look at the top five for them. How to do it without much effort - in a couple of paragraphs.

Hundreds of articles have been written on the subject of how a woman should look like home. Theory much. And sitting in front of a monitor and a housewife reads that it should be elegant and fully developed and carefully coiffed ..... Reads, and time is running out.

So, tomorrow we leave for a new job, without leaving the old. To do this, make a small revision.

1. You need to work the old bathrobe? Most likely - no. Throwing. A faded T-shirt? Neither. But comfortable dress or pants are fine. And prepare them. Dress - in the morning, pants and jacket - for the second half of the day. You must charm your commercial director. That is her husband.

2. Match the mirror. Look at their eyebrows. How long did you correct them? Maybe this should be paid for five minutes twice a week?

3. A little bit of blush and mascara. Or someone enthralls gray face and faded appearance? Not only business acumen Housewives valued at its battlefield, but also how cool it looks.

4. What shod your feet? In raznoshennuyu slippers? Give them soft ballet shoes. Comfortable to wear and easy to wear. And beautiful.

5. A foot? If the office is not always noticeable pedicure, at home it is indispensable. Often remember about pedicure set, use the cream every day, go to the salon regularly - do not hide your legs.

6. How often do you go to the hairdresser? It may be worth more to paint over regrown hair and trim the ends? Make masks? Even ponytail requires care. Besides, you do not need to ask for leave from the chief to run to the salon - you can do it when convenient for you.

7. And finally - gather in the stomach. If you have the opportunity to regularly - excellent. If not, then tell me a good exercise that you can perform at any time. 3-4 times a day to draw the 45 time and relax your abdominal muscles. Cubes, of course, from this exercise will not appear, but the waist becomes thinner. Checked!

Remember, you - not a housewife. You - the owner of the house. Its CEO. Is the director can afford to come to work in old sweatpants and oblezshim varnish on the nails?

Finally Code "domodirektora":

  • NO old garment;
  • NO sloppy nails;
  • NO raznoshennuyu shoes;
  • NO disheveled hair;
  • NO paralytic stomach;
  • NO old apron;
  • NO faded appearance.

So, morning, alarm clock .... Climb! Director of a company called "My Family" hurry to work. And let all envy your appearance. And your family - proud of his mother and wife.

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