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Immunity of the child: what is it?

Cherished dream of parents buy magic bullet and raise their child immunity to such heights where not be able to get a runny nose, cough and fever. But alas, such a tool does not exist yet. Good immunity - it's a long process that begins when your baby just born. Try to unravel its secrets.

Our expert Daira Jingling, pediatrician Children's Clinical University Hospital

What it is?

Immunity - is the body's ability to resist various kinds of infections and harmful substances. Immune system every child should get stronger myself. During illness the body learns to respond to pathogens - bacteria and viruses. Disease stimulate the immune system, cause the body to fight disease.

Runny nose and tooth slotting the baby may be accompanied by fever. This can happen before 10 once a year, as long as there were no complications. A child who is sick with colds 3-4 times a year, needs to strengthen his immune system. But this line is very thin. Every parent should know when to consult a specialist with the problem of immune reconstitution in children. These cases are:

- The child is sick with colds more than five times a year and with complications (pneumonia, otitis, bronchitis);

- Colds proceeds without an elevated temperature;

- The child is often tired, pale, his dark circles under the eyes;

- Change in the state of lymph nodes: a child with weak immunity cervical and axillary nodes are enlarged;

- Allergic reactions to foods can also zoomed to lower immunity;

- With weakened immunity may appear goiter.

If you notice anything like that in your child, consult with your family doctor. Do not try to deal with this problem on their own. Vitamins for children do not raise immunity. And drugs that increase immunity - is strong medicine, treatment that can only be a doctor.

Features of the immune system


Features babies that they present maternal immunity, which the infant received from his mother during her pregnancy. When a child is sick, you should immediately consult a physician and follow all recommendations. It should also be remembered that prolonged breastfeeding baby will provide good immunity.


Grown up kids waiting for kindergarten - that's where the problems begin child immunity: baby two days in the garden, and then two weeks sick. Parents frantically searching for a way to boost immunity. But bottle with a magic bullet has not yet been invented. Therefore, the first visit to a kindergarten begin to prepare in advance:

- Respect a child mode of the day;

- Watch the power of the child, it must contain all the necessary nutrients;

- Teach a child to society peers.

Hiking in the garden - it is stressful for the child, as a result - a failure of the immune system. Your task is to reduce the psychological burden and maintain the health of the baby. If he is still sick, remember that recovering from a runny nose to 7 10 days. Then we need to give the child a few days to restore the immune system, and only then take him to kindergarten.

If you can not avoid frequent diseases should wait a few months and do not take the child to the garden. During this time, the immune system will get stronger and the second hike in the garden can become successful.

Younger students

Life "mladsheklashek" full of daily stress, ill classmates again and inevitable part of the disease.

Tips for sickly children:

- The mode of the day, a long and quality sleep in silence, rather than under running television;

- Correct and varied diet, rich in vegetables;

- Reducing the load in the season of viral diseases.

"There is no bad weather - there unsuitable clothing" - as the English say. And they are right! Too warm or light, for the weather clothing can cause frequent colds.


Your child becomes independent, increasingly makes decisions: what to eat, how much sleep. If he was a child vaccinated healthy habits (proper diet, daily routine), you can be calm.

Stress - the main enemy of good health and immunity - fighting using your understanding and support. You remember how hard to be a teenager: problems at school, relationships with classmates. Let your baby will be the place where he was relaxed and comfortable - the home!

General recommendations:

Vitamin D is important for toddlers to teens and 3 years. In periods of rapid growth on doctor's advice to add calcium.

Quenched their child

During seasonal influenza and colds brew child hips, herbal infusions.

Better to replace sugar with honey. For the prevention of colds use the bee products: pollen, propolis.

Replace sugary drinks to fruit drinks, fresh juices diluted, broths black currant fruit, blueberries, mountain ash.

Encourage your child instead of sweets fruits and vegetables.

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