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Interior Bedrooms: 7 useful things

Bedroom - a special room, her "private" area is not for everyone. Sometimes only in the bedroom, we become ourselves, leaving behind its threshold work issues and problems.

That's bedroom with its atmosphere of peace and tranquility is designed to give an opportunity to relax, relax, reflect on the eternal, to become closer to each other. And, of course, comfort in this room creates not so much "soft furnishings" as trifles.


Candles in the bedroom - it's a win-win option for creating a romantic atmosphere. You can put them in a beautiful candle holders - floor, table or wall mounted. Fine floor candlesticks would be appropriate in a spacious bedroom, they will give the interior of luxury and refinement. Candelabra good fit even in a small bedroom, especially if it has a massive objects - dresser or nightstand. The most versatile option - wall sconces - Single or paired. Their color, shape and texture must be in harmony with the rest of the decor.

Sometimes candle can not only "hold" immediately 5 candles, but also act as a hanger - small hooks in the bedroom will not be superfluous.

Wrought iron candlestick from Gifts & Detsor

Put candles are decorative lampshades and wall lights. The main thing - remember that wall-mounted candleholders stay there for long.


Screen - incredibly stylish interior element. If your "married" bedroom has its own bath - with a mirror and a table, wardrobe - you can make it personal area, intimate space - let the man sees only the end result of your efforts.

Vertically screen will fit into the small bedroom. The spacious room can create a multidimensional effect, setting a screen with five or six leaves.

Not necessarily equate to the fence and the screen used exclusively in the "envelope" purposes, it can be decorative and installation. Screen in the Oriental style with a pattern or a pattern - a real decoration of the room.

, Three-screen from ORE

To pick up a screen for the bedroom can be made of any material, it can complement the canvases, faceted glass, fotoprint, carving, various forged elements and inlay.

Night organizer

Maintain order in the bedroom and do not overload the nightstand various essentials and relaxation, like your mobile phone or TV remote, magazines or reader will help night organizer. His miracle-pockets will be pleased with all your gadgets. Fastens it easy and safe - between the mattress and the bottom of the bed.

Night organizer from Richards

If desired, and opportunities can be done overnight organizer yourself.

Bedside lamp

Difficult to imagine a bedroom without a night lamp with its soft calming light. Often, it is a light and makes a cozy bedroom, and the atmosphere in it - warm. Modern designs allow fixtures to effectively emphasize the style of the room. Form lampshades and lamp shades, custom materials, original combinations give fantastic decorative possibilities.

Table Lamp by Warehouse of Tiffany's

Tiffany lamp made of colored glass pieces not only give an intimate dim light, but will also magical mood in almost any interior bedroom.


With the advent of decorative pillows revives even the most boring interior. Picking pillows for the bedroom you can try to "play" not only colors but shapes, sizes and textures. It is important not to overdo it: three or five beds for dumok enough. And, of course, it is not necessary to combine incongruous, for example, tissue different "classes" - velvet and linen, velvet and cotton.

Bedroom set from Plush C Collection

One way to fit harmoniously into the interior decorative pillows bedroom - pick them to bed coverlet. Or buy just "complete set."


Neither interior detail does not cause as much debate as the clock. Someone thinks that they are not in the bedroom place, while others argue that the clock sleep much calmer. If, however, you want to wake up on time and do not be late, to get hours worth. The main thing that "sleeping" the clock is not ticking. Well, if the hands and face at the clock will phosphorus - do not have to get accustomed to the dark.

Phosphate watch from Kikkerland

Will be very comfortable in the bedroom and desktop projection clock, because time can be seen not only on display, but in the night time on the ceiling or wall.

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers - A Versatile Option for Your Bedroom. It is through this stuff you can tell bedroom unique identity. You can stick them at the head of the bed on one wall, over a nightstand or even directly on the furniture. Choose the decorative stickers huge - the sights and aphorisms, trees and flowers, intricate patterns and exquisite ornaments, animals and birds.

Vinyl sticker from Stickerbrand

Only one sticker miraculously changes the mood of the room and as a result her mood "inhabitants".

Author: Maria Bereza
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