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How to put the baby to sleep "without a fight"?

"You'll see the cartoon - and go to bed!" - Threaten you with a finger to your five-year-old child. But it, loud and tireless, refuses to obey. In the evenings in your house the same invariable action is played: "Go to sleep!" - "Well, one more most last-minute cartoon!" - "Did you hear me?" - "I'm not tired at all and do not want to sleep! I will not go, I will not!" A shoestring starts to roar for a start, then she needs to write, then drink, then her leg suddenly ill, then ... In general, the daily agonizing "chilling" the child into bed leads us to despair. Why is there so much stubbornness and desire to contradict him?

First, calm down! Do not allow your child to involve themselves in senseless nightly struggle. And secondly, your parent weighty word should not tolerate any "but"! In this case, the implicit tone works better than any persuasion. But there are other secrets.

Let him go to bed at the same time

Permanent schedule gives a sense of stability, reliability. The child is drawn into this rhythm, getting used to it, and as a result you will not have to hear sacramental: "Mom, another half hour!" For information: younger students should sleep 10-11 hours. The lower the age, the longer a dream.

Let it be cool

Son or daughter'll need to know: In the evening there is a silence in the house, the evening for romps. It is best at this time to talk quietly with the child. He will tell you how to spent the day that was in preschool or school that it pleased, and that was not pleasant. Reprimand, baby will calm down and sleep soundly. But all sorts of horror stories on TV at night is not worth watching: they can not only sleep deprived child with his fragile psyche, but even an adult. Try to introduce your family rule: one hour before sleep (even children) TV you do not see.

Let him do all the same

Well, if the waste is accompanied to sleep once and for all oiled ritual, for example must undress, bathe, brush your teeth before going to bed to kiss dad and grandmother tell everyone "good night" to lay in her bed teddy bear - with him "better sleep" drink warm milk and curl up under a blanket. Last "bar" - Mother's gentle kiss.

Let it is worn in the yard

That's right! If a child spends a lot of time outdoors, he will sleep like a log - can not fall asleep, only those guys who sit all day watching TV or computer. By the way, make sure that the mobile phone was switched off at night - children often wake up signals incoming SMS-Juice.

Let it not be your tyrant!

The kid should know: in which case you find yourself at night with him. But do not let yourself tyrannize screaming: "I can not sleep!" You brought him his third cup of milk, put him in a toy watch and even allowed him to stand, and the leitmotif of all the same? Then do not be surprised if one day he will wake you up in the night. It is important to teach a child to fall asleep alone.

Let it lie

If in the morning will not have to hurry (for example, on the night between Friday and Saturday), let the child go, when it deems fit. It's his free time and his room in which he has a right to be left alone. Respect the privacy of your child!

How to tear a child away from the TV

Oh, it's a difficult thing ... And to cope with it can only be replaced with something more interesting. What could it be? For example, a long walk together: you, your husband, your child and your dog. Why do not all run together on a vacant lot near or in the park? A street will soon open air cafes - where you can dine family - and the dog can not hurt. Mass use: baby will not stare into "box", you will not stand at the stove and wash the dishes, and the whole family spend the evening together in pleasant conversation.

If it's rain, play house: loans, for example "search for treasure" - its role can perform any small items, but at least tea spoon! Who is more found one and won, and then all the players together drinking tea and eating found spoons jam or cake.

Play three-four more interesting: each player in turn is blindfolded and allowed to hold various small items - even guess what it is. Who will guess more - that prize. Incidentally, this is not as easy as it seems: lat coin, for example, can easily be confused with the button.

Another game: you picture a telephone conversation, and the child tries to understand who you are talking about. So, by the way, in an unobtrusive form of a game, you can teach him to call a taxi, call the help desk, written to the doctor, etc.

If mom irons or preparing dinner, you can play "by ear": the child tells the story that invented himself. If two children, let portray history in the people! You will see how your children will be happy about this "theater"! After the game with you for them any more fun cartoon.

Psychologists advise fathers

1. Communicating with your child, consider the time of day. It is hardly necessary to arrange romps, if the kid to sleep soon. Better read it - or compose, dads have it turns out just fine! - A fairy tale. Or simply "grown-up" talk with the child, that he was going to do tomorrow. You'll be surprised how seriously planning your day, your baby!

2. Firmly keep his word! Child will be terribly disappointed if it turns out that during the highly anticipated game dad will endlessly distracted by answering mobile calls.

3. Although worn together and shout very cool dad should always observe a certain distance and remain senior, whose word is law. Unlikely child will obey the pope "rights peer."

4. Try to create with your child something unusual, it was so that my mother would approve of difficulty! For example, the bad hide and seek in total darkness? A reward for ingenuity you will be indescribable joy of children.

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