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Overweight in children

Fattest kid in the world, according to Guinness World Records, in 7 220 years weighed more than pounds. This, of course, prohibitive figure, but today almost every second student suffers from excess weight. At the same few parents are struggling with this problem, and often become themselves to blame, because the main cause of excess weight among children - this overfeeding "granny cakes" sweetness without limitation, "adult" portions for the five-year plan, etc.

Make their contribution and other factors - the popularity of fast food and a sedentary lifestyle, far fewer overweight is caused by childhood diseases. Reasonable to assume that if you want your child to be beautiful and healthy in the future, nutrition should follow from the very first months of life.

First of all, pediatricians recommend as long as possible to breastfeed. Despite calorie breast milk, adjust paratrofiyu excess weight in infants, when artificial feeding is much more complicated. If there is no milk, it is necessary to strictly observe the instructions of the therapist and to plan a balanced diet, not overfeeding baby.

Overweight adolescents

It's more complicated with obesity in adolescents: children in the transition to adulthood in force adjustment of the organism want to eat more, so you need to try to explain that you can eat that will not lead to a negative weight gain, but from what it should be abandoned. You can not turn a blind eye to the problem - teenagers are particularly sensitive to the opinion of the environment, causing excess weight can lead to complex psychological problems and complexes.

How to help your child lose weight

Reduce excess weight in the child in the following ways, in general, quite predictable:

1. Proper nutrition

Do not expect that eating behavior son or daughter will correct itself. Products that consume modern children differ significantly from those that ate parents. They are crammed with flavor enhancers and synthetic additives that prevent adequate perception of food. As a result, almost 80% 15 years younger students prefer chips, homemade soup instead.

The first step is recommended to replace unwholesome foods with "fast" carbohydrates at meals with normal calorie, high in vitamins and nutrients. The diet should be fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meats and low fat dairy products. Best food to cook or stew instead of frying.

Try to serve and cook meals in such a way that they are not "boring" and not inferior to the taste of fast food. To teach the child to eat fresh vegetables, offer him "fashionable" salads "Caesar" or "Greek". It's worth trying such tricks as replacing dishes and baby equipment with small ones - at a smaller plate the amount of food visually seems bigger, and small spoons and forks will cause the child to do more movements that will "deceive" the brain and soon cause a feeling of saturation. Another important advice - a child who suffers from excess weight, as a rule, wants to eat more often, so you need to have it at hand washed fruits and vegetables or low-calorie snacks.

2. Physical Activity

Physical activity is crucial, it helps burn calories, gives a vivid impression and confidence, allows to make new friends. You can buy a child a bicycle or roller skates, write it in the pool or in a dance club - find out what interests him or inspiring.

Worth more walking and, of course, gradually limit the time watching television as well as other forms of sedentary leisure. Need to assign household chores and child - take out the trash, sweep the floor, wipe the dust, etc. Every small victory necessarily encourage the attention of the child or other motivating ways.

Of course, the most effective is a personal example. Active and fit parents - much more inspiring incentive to lead a healthy lifestyle, rather than a ban have fries and play their favorite computer games for hours.

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