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Pancake week: calendar, signs, traditions

Monday began Maslenitsa week, which runs until Sunday. 7 days 11 16 for March will last week farewell to winter, or Pancake Week. Mardi Gras is probably the only holiday that has preserved the true spirit of ancient Russia. Noisy festivities merry and bright outfits, rich table - Carnival always walking in a big way.

Seven-day spree dedicated wires cold winter ends and the symbolic beginning of spring. Half bystanders say that it is a pagan holiday, the other that the Orthodox. They are all right. With the advent of Christianity has changed only a day of celebration, which is determined depending on the beginning of Lent. Every day of the week has its own individual meaning, its meaning.

Rite is associated with wires winter and beginning of spring. In Russia Myasopust name, Meatfare and Cheese week used only in the calendar as a "church" title. Shrove Tuesday gets its name from the fact that in this time period - the last week before Lent, permitted eating butter, dairy products and fish.

Mardi Gras always starts on Monday. And this day is called a meeting. To this day - the first day of Maslenitsa - arranged generic mountains, swings, tables with sweet delicacies. Children doing morning doll made of straw - Shrove Tuesday - and decked her.

That morning the children in the villages gathered together and went from house to house singing. Those who are richer, began to cook pancakes. The first pancake is given to the poor in remembrance of the dead. Hostess treated children pancakes. This lasted until the afternoon, and after dinner we all went to ride in the snowy mountains, and sing songs. Here, for example, such as:

Mardi Gras, Mardi Gras!
We rejoice in thee,
Ride on the mountains,
Pancakes overeat!

First day of skiing the mountains was a child, adults joined skating midweek only. Tobogganing was associated with an omen: those who are furthest roll down the mountain, the nicest grow flax.

Tuesday (Zaigrysh) was considered day honeymoon. In the villages, played the wedding. All couples who have recently whole village was at the wedding, had to roll down a hill. That same day was not only skiing in the snowy mountains, but also continued to treat pancakes in all homes. Called relatives and friends: "We are ready to de mountains and the pancakes are baked - please bestow." On this day, young people are looking out for a bride, and the girls looked furtively at narrowing. All Shrove rites, in fact, reduced to matchmaking, to after Lent, the Red hill, to celebrate a wedding.

Wednesday (Gourmet). In this day-in-law came "to his mother on the pancakes." Besides in-law mother-in-law and other invited guests. Young on this day dressed as it was at the wedding.

Thursday (Wide Razguliay). It was still called Thursday of, binge fracture. From that day the people indulged in all sorts of fun: the icy mountains, booths, swings, fist fights, taking snowy towns. On this day, the feast was going to all of society. On this day of Maslenitsa paintings related subjects, for example, and Surikov Kustodiev "Taking Snow Town" and "Mardi Gras". On this day, often villagers who trick out how I wanted. The very same straw effigy of Maslenitsa to climb the mountain.

Friday (Teschin Vecherki). Now-in-law invited guests a mother in law and treated her pancakes.

Saturday (Zolovkina gatherings). Young daughter-in-law invited to visit (my husband's sister). On this day, the daughter in-law should give some interesting gift. As a rule, the same day dressed up Shrove Tuesday - a scarecrow of straw - was carried on a stretcher to the end of the village, and there, with the songs "buried": Holds a fire and it burned Shrove Tuesday. Around the campfire fun: singing songs, dancing. So goodbye Gras and seriously, and joking, because this fun week you had to wait a whole year.

Forgiveness Sunday. On Sunday, all recalled that on Monday comes Lent, therefore, sought to purge all that is sinful, people asked each other's forgiveness and said to each other: "Please forgive me, bude to blame before thee." And in response to hear the familiar: "God forgive me." On this day all the wrongs are forgiven and insults.

With Carnival will take several related, for example:

On Shrove-guessing: girl takes one of the first pancakes and goes out and treats the first counter and asks his name. Why? Because that's what they will call her spouse;

-Forgiveness Sunday - the last day, when allowed to drink alcohol;

Ritual-eaten pancake - the glory of Spring and fertility of the land. Pancakes originate from the sacrificial bread of the ancient pagans, and the circle was considered the sign of the Sun;

On Shrove Tuesday, the first pancake - for the repose - "for the souls of the parent."


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