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The rules of etiquette: how to receive visitors?

How to surprise friends and strict bourgeois parents when feeding brandy and what can distract guests from politics - rules of etiquette by Alyona Doletskaya, journalist, style guru and author of the new book "Pro Jam."

about serving

Serving - it is also a creative and joyful, like culinary exercises. If logged bohemian friends and gatherings will be richly polished variety of libations, I put a simple transparent glasses, and plates not made of the finest Limoges porcelain bone, and simple Dulevsky, but hand-painted by artists. So it will be fun and appropriate to the situation.

about porcelain

When we sit down to drink tea at home, I always ask, "Do you now from a big or a small cup? From the blue or white ermesovskoy iefzeshnoy? "The mood is different because, as a cup can play a role. And if he suddenly says: "Of all" - it is bad.

Even the shape of the cup may flare up almost Gogol's argument: "Because of this large mug drink taste good! And this, on the leg, well, not men at all. That broad, with piping - elegant, of course, but it quickly gets cold tea. " And so on to infinity.

I have to say for himself. I am a true passion and love are mutually porcelain. All, without exception: the translucent ivory, solid milk, plain and fluted, frosted with icing and cake. The same to you I wish.

about aesthetes

When you want to show itself in all its glory, take out the best and dearest soul, and do not be nervous because of incomplete sets. Knead different glasses, forks, spoons and knives are easily scattered aristocrat.

It would be nice to know the most, what you have covered. Guests may be asked: "This is you" Faberge "or" Baccarat "," Limoges "or imperial porcelain?" And you tell them: "No, it's just a" royal copenhagen ".

And if suddenly someone to stupor enjoy your glass or cup - just donate. You will find yourself still something wonderful.

about parents

If you went to the parents, they will be very pleased to see a table with the glasses and dishes that you technically have whistled when he first left the parental nest to live in a rented apartment with her beloved.

Silently and permanently into your minds: his parents - is sacred. If they go to you, it is important to show itself in all its glory. To win, you need to impress. I did not say, and Napoleon, that the meaning does not change.

Military Strategy two: take the well-known slozhnosochinennoe dish, such as pilaf. Add to it the secret ingredient, such as goji berries. Post the family china. Or cook a dish that they did not try in life.

about jam

I love it when the table in a big company serves various shots of homemade jam and it immediately turns into a single dramatic subject matter, pleasantly distracting guests from angry philippics against power, the corrupt, the fools and roads.

For me, jams and everything associated with it - a real meditation in Russian. No stress and hurry.

Traffic flowing (or the beat of your favorite music). But all the attention is focused on one thing - in the contemplation of the undisputed natural beauty in its manifestations and miraculous transformations. I hate it when the tea served in exquisite vases jam from the store. It's better to do nothing.

about tea

I hate to artificially flavored tea. I treat this product with great sorrow. Why all this fuss is synthetic? Perhaps to cover up the quality of the original product?

Astringent, muscatel Darjeeling or spicy, velvety honey Assam, or bright, masculine aggressive Puer themselves have excellent taste. My latest hobby - willow-herb, a legendary Russian plant, which tsarist Russia brought many millions of the then gold rubles.

It is not in gold, but in the fact that the willow-herb still is grown throughout the country, tastes like a neutral, common herbal, it is quite amazing drink. If it is fresh, properly collected and properly dried, you get a cup of drink all shades of olive and amber. Sometimes rose-kneaded with other herbs: a little mint, or black currant leaf, or even with the dried berries of wild strawberry - the perfect hero for afternoon tea with jam.

about digestif

Very good after a hearty dinner with appetizers, soup, hot and dessert - for tea or instead serves homemade in small glass of brandy or liqueur. The first will be a little more sugar that is suitable for girls.

The tincture of sugar is less that can go up to boys. But in all circumstances, in the first place, they will work as a good digestive and help your guest to digest a hearty meal, and secondly, emphasize the real home, if you want your lunch. After all, to make brandy or liqueur itself is very simple.

about Entertainment

Since we are talking about a digestif, the nice and helpful after a family lunch or dinner to go for tea and sweets in another area of ​​your apartment or house.

This movement will break the monotony of sitting at the table and give you the opportunity, for example, to play any board game from the erudite to the monopoly and chess.

Just sometimes very well translate conversation in a completely different direction. And if at dinner all the way to discuss the menu and recipes for the tea it already precisely it will not come. Or, on the contrary, at dinner there was a conversation about politics and the media. As for tea, I believe, and elsewhere in the topic accurately change - such a law feast.

About the bad taste

Very good when:

- Guest forgets to say that sat on the new diet, and I have to run back to the stove to cook him / her something suitable, skipping the latest news and the latest anecdotes from guests.

- At the table are quarreling or find out the relationship. Be a peacemaker - it is certainly sacred, but osadochek always remains.

- Guests come empty-handed. A bottle of good wine or a jar of jam of your home will please anyone.

- One - the door, while others immediately wash their bones. Fu.

- To be late for breakfast. That can not stand! Hot yolk crisp croutons, flavored coffee - all this must go to the mouth with piping hot. And only so.

- Get up to the plate in a bad mood. It is transmitted concoction, and then - and companions.

- During cooking listen to the news or talking on the phone. Instead, I recommend music and quiet cooing with loved ones.

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