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Holiday every day

You've been together a long time and think it's a long time. Your man is smart, handsome, attentive, and just loves you. One problem: life together slowly but surely becoming too ordinary, too prosaic. Making love in the car and a romantic dinner under the roof of the stars replaced the gray days in a very comfortable, but, alas, such familiar terms ...

Want to change it? Arrange his handpicked express feelings renewal program codenamed "Celebration every day!" Throughout the week, daily confess partner in love with one romantic surprise.
Monday - "Total Recall"

Meeting, first date, first kiss, a trip to Paris, your first parachute jump (his birthday present - you would never have occurred to me to jump from a height), the first cake you baked it (not very edible, it should be noted - but he was so moved by the expression of your feelings, that hung his picture in his facebook) ... How much good has been in your life together! Why not think about it together?

Make a collage of photos, using as a principle of design ideas comics. Place it under the glass house and hang in a prominent place where your man likes to spend time. Provide pictures witty inscriptions telling the story of your relationship on behalf of yourself, your parents and friends. One of them will be your declaration of love.

Tuesday - "Lunch with delivery"

You often remind my man, he did not forget to eat lunch. Today it is possible to break this rule and take care of this yourself. Order lunch at a nearby restaurant or cook their own hands and send him to work with the courier.

To a box of his favorite Asian food attach a bright red rose, a sign of attention to this appreciated not only your man but also his colleagues. So you kill two birds: your partner feels an object of envy - it's always nice, and his collaborators will realize that they have no chance.

Wednesday - "Special Gift"

Give gifts only on birthday - boring! Not necessarily expensive, but nice, spontaneous gifts gifts much nicer than expected, even if they cost a lot of money. Choosing a surprise, be guided by what your man interested. Let the gift will be very personal: film critic can give a rare film of cinema museum, the photographer - a site with its portfolio, the poet-lover - a book of his own poems, published in small editions.

If anything is not a professional comes into your head, tie a scarf and leave it on the pillow - your man will appreciate such a gift, the greater the less you love to knit.
Thursday - "Restaurant at home"

Tasty food - always a welcome surprise for the man, even if he lives with the chef. Prepare his favorite dish or something that he had never tried it, but it certainly can appreciate. Emphasize the entourage of your romantic dinner - flowers, candles, soft music, a new hyper-sexy dress. His way home (at least from the entrance to the apartment) can be issued accordingly - balloons, colored stickers in the shape of hearts and little notes with declarations of love.

Friday - "Sex without rules"

Last working day is over and now is the time to breathe in your man new powers before the weekend. The best medicine and tiredness - sex. Add spice to your relationship: Think about how you can vary the usual scheme. Japanese schoolgirl costume or female cat, fluffy handcuffs or volume of the Marquis de Sade ... And maybe you go and see a park bench, where everything happened the first time the most memorable?

Nothing should disturb you tonight, and least of all - think about the undesirable consequences. This should take care in advance - for example, ask your gynecologist about contraception with "women's formula." With dynamic content and dosage regimen of natural estrogen "female formula" not only provides a reliable contraceptive protection, but also contributes to well-being at any day of the cycle, creating the conditions for the disclosure of sexuality. That night, all is possible!

Weekend - "Romantic Journey"

You can not go anywhere - just lie in bed with a glass of wine and watch the video you recorded to travel. You can arrange a romantic stroll around the city on bicycles, roller skates, or even on foot, but with a carefully thought-out route. And you can go to a real journey, buying tickets and pre-booked hotel.

Sudden trip will be the culminating event of this busy week of holidays and another, your general and wonderful memories. Man will appreciate it, though, because all he would have to do - is to carry a bag that you have assembled.

This week surprises will help you remember the days when it was just beginning, and to evaluate how well you are together now. And, perhaps, would be the threshold of a new phase of your relationship.

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