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Happy on their own

When are we going to do something, always write the plan. View products list at work. But happiness waiting for some reason like manna from heaven ... And maybe, for acquiring it also need a plan?

Gretchen Rubin young American woman wrote the book "Happiness Project. Dreams. Plan. New Life", in which you can find a clear plan of how during the year - month after month! - To be happy, to enjoy every day we live and start a new life. Let's get acquainted!

She did it!

Gretchen Rubin was born in Kansas City (Missouri, USA). Her life was very successful: she graduated from the University's law department, married, gave birth to two daughters. She began her career in the Supreme Court, was chief editor of the legal journal. "I had everything a woman could want - a beloved husband, wonderful children, an interesting job and a cozy home," but I stopped enjoying it, "says Rubin." Any trifles afflicted me, I was unhappy with myself, often suffered from bouts of melancholy , depression and helplessness, I realized that I want to change my life, not changing anything in it, to find more happiness in the walls of my own kitchen! "

For this young woman was a plan of action - concrete steps to finding happiness. He had to help her learn to enjoy each day we live; become the best wife, mother, friend; change, but at the same time to accept yourself for what is; efficient use of time; get rid of anxiety, save energy and ambition.

Before you start writing your own "Happiness Project" Gretchen reread many philosophical works about the nature and history of happiness, among which were the work of Aristotle, Descartes; studied research scientists devoted to the science and practice of happiness; studied examples of "The Happiness Project" other people; again enjoyed artistic novels about happiness ("War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy and others), revised mass movies.

In his book, Gretchen described what small changes it brings to their lives every month for a year and what great results it led to. And it was not some generic principles, collected from different sources, complex reasoning or magical secrets. This is the story of real women - Gretchen Rubin - who once decided that she wants to be happy. And now each of us can create your personal "Happiness Project" based on tips Gretchen!

Today Ruby-selling author, bestselling author "40 ways to see Winston Churchill", "40 ways to see John F. Kennedy", "happy home", "Take everything out of life. Laws of power and wealth" and others (not all of them yet translated into Russian ). Gretchen also teaches at the School of Law, School of Management and is a popular blog He lives in New York with her husband and children.

12 months of joy


Objective: To increase the level of energy


1. Go to bed early.
2. Do physical exercise.
3. Clean house.
4. Deal with the long-delayed chores.

Quote: "It is important to understand that the outer order contributes to inner calm. Think that mess in the closet does not matter? Wrong. Due to it you can not find the desired item quickly and once again worried. Cleaned up things, and you already become a little happier. It clearly works. "


Purpose: remember love


1. Stop whining and grumbling.
2. Do not wait for praise.
3. Do not shift the blame on the other.
4. Confirm your love.

Quote: "Many people think that would have been happier if other people behaved correctly. But it is always easier to start with yourself. Many ask whether my husband changed. I answer that I started with ourselves and our relationship changed immediately. When I became carefree, stopped grumbling, my husband has also changed for the better. "


Purpose: aim high.


1. Create your own blog.
2. Learn to enjoy failure.
3. Ask for help.
4. Enjoy the present.

Quote: "I started blogging. And was one hundred percent sure that this new activity would make me happier. I was afraid that blogging need some skill. But everything turned out. So find some for yourself new occupation. Anyone! "


Objective: To perk up.


1. Sing in the morning.
2. Act with sensitivity.
3. Keep happy memories.
4. Devote time to family projects.

Quote: "I decided that I need to behave the way you want to feel. So if you have a calm and carefree, and I'll feel the same way too, and my children will feel the same way. Do not waste your time with sadness and depression! "


Purpose: game - this is serious!


1. Find more fun.
2. Afford to fool around.
3. Plan entertainment.

Quote: "Things have to be planned as well as a meeting with the dentist. Do not let them occur spontaneously. Perhaps you're thinking:" Of course, I'll go for a jog with my dog. "But if you do not stand out at this time, then unlikely to do it. "


Objective: to make time for friends


1. Do not forget birthdays.
2. Do not gossip.
3. Demonstrate sincere generosity.
4. Adopt three new friends.

Quote: "Facebook", "Twitter" - all this high tech. But I am sure that nothing can replace live chat face to face. But the word "friend" can mean many different levels of relationship. "Facebook" and e-mail can find people with whom communication was lost. But unlikely to add real friends. "


Purpose: to buy a little happiness.


1. Moderately afford to squander.
2. Buy the right things.
3. Cease to cherish things.

Quote: "Money plays a big role in a happy life. And if you spend them wisely, they will bring you more joy. For example, if you have a limited amount that you rather buy: a bike or a new sofa? What makes you happier , and then buy? "


Purpose: to think about eternal values.


1. Read memories of catastrophes.
2. Adopt a book helpful.
3. Imitate a spiritual master.

Quote: "Find your spiritual guru and become familiar with his works. Then think about how you can apply his teachings to life."


Objective: To do what he likes


1. Carve out time for yourself.
2. Do not get attached to the results.

Quote: "When I started writing the book, some of them said to me:" Nobody likes to read as much as you do. Think about others. "And I said that I wanted to write about myself. And for me the important book. I know people who understand me, although their passion - cooking, music or nature. They understand what real passion."


Objective: be careful.


1. Learn to meditate.
2. Adopt a food diary

Quote: "I did not succeed. Example, keep a diary of observations of their diet. But I will try again. Twice I have already started and eventually threw. Maybe we should be proud of this? There are also other ways to ensure that you eat. "


Goal: to live with a light heart.


1. Laugh out loud.
2. Observe the rules of etiquette.
3. Complimenting others.
4. Find a "raft."

Quote: "I like the idea of ​​Samuel Pepy:" The heart has to be satisfied. "One of my recent discoveries - although it may seem obvious - happiness can be shared with others."


Purpose: perfect happiness


1. To sum up the year.
2. If something did not work, put new positive goals for the year.

Quote: "The book turned out much heavier than I could have imagined a year ago. I'm still doing almost all recommendations have a blog, do with children, do a lot of other things and still feel deliriously happy."

Gretchen Rubin 8 Commandments

1. Be yourself.
2. Behave the way you want to feel.
3. Act now.
4. Be polite and honest.
5. Enjoy the process.
6. Spread.
7. Thoroughly study the problem.
8. Do what must be done.

Secrets maturity Gretchen Rubin

* People pay for your mistakes much less attention than you think.
* Asking for help is quite normal.
* Most solutions are simple.
* Do what is good, and you will feel good.
* Doing a little bit every day, do a lot.
* What do you do every day is much more important than what you do only occasionally.
* Do not try to excel in everything.
* If you do not happen to failure, you are not trying too hard.
* Do not let the best be the enemy of the good.
* What pleases others can not please you, and vice versa.
* What is not sowed, that does not sow.

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