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March fateful life programs: how to prepare for eclipse?

In March, we expect you two important astrological events - solar and lunar eclipses that will occur 9-23-th and March respectively. The period between eclipses, called "corridor eclipses", is a truly momentous, as committed in this period of conscious actions aimed at improving the clearing and destiny, changing the lives of the most radically. This is a great power of influence on the fate of eclipses on individuals, and to all humanity.

Unfortunately, the unconscious thoughts and actions, as well as uncontrollable emotions have the same life-changing impact, as well as informed. In other words, everything we think, say, feel, do or intend to do during the "corridor eclipses", has a powerful effect and changes in the pattern of destiny. By our actions, thoughts and emotions during eclipses and between them it depends on how our lives will change in the coming years 19.

So do not miss your chance - approach to this period trained, calm, confident, focused, and without excessive importance do whatever is necessary to force through a fateful eclipses desired could come into your life.

When the Sun, Earth and Moon, moving in their orbits, are on the same line while Luna closed the Earth from the Sun and is in its shadow - this is called a lunar eclipse, so it happens only a full moon. When being in line with the Earth, the Moon covers the Sun, there is a solar eclipse - it happens at the time of the new moon. The eclipse can be total or partial, depending on how precise degree of connection of the planets, if they fall into the shadows passing in the middle of the planet completely or only partially.

In moments of eclipses, solar and lunar energies conflict and neutralize each other, something like a short circuit occurs during which the usual flow of energies on the Earth changes very much, which leads to sharp changes and even exacerbations in the psyche and behavior of people and animals, and as well as serious natural disasters. Especially strongly for lunar eclipses, women and children react, men and teenagers become most vulnerable during the solar eclipses. There may be aggression, increased excitability, restless sleep, fears, tantrums, misunderstandings and misunderstandings literally "on level ground".

For the period of seven days before and seven days after the eclipse set aside all the important decisions, contracts, weddings, signing of contracts, not making a final decision, do not make major purchases and transactions.

During this time, try as much as possible to avoid conflict situations, stay calm and balance. Use all available methods for your benevolent cast himself in a smooth and peaceful state.

On the day of the eclipse, it is desirable not to go out alone with him, read, watch a good movie good, meditate, pray.

Do not plan any trips to the day of the eclipse. If possible, better to stay at home.

It is advisable not to eat for 3-4 hours before and after the eclipse. Generally it is best to fast on this day, or at least not to overload your stomach heavy food.

In no case did not observe the eclipse, and do not look at the light! Connecting with the eclipse process through their eyes, you only break their own processes and health.

Try also not connected with the eclipse process through their negative thoughts, emotions and fears. Be positive about. Instead of being afraid of the future and the unknown, waiting for trouble, and disasters begin to think positively and your positive thoughts create your future yourself - is to a large extent depends on you and your thoughts about it, than by any external factors.

A few days before the beginning of the eclipse is very favorable to do general cleaning of the house with the use of salt and essential oils to get rid of unnecessary things. Candles, incense, consecrated water, blissful music, recording mantras, prayers and church bells will also help to clear the space. It will also be useful to conduct an audit in life - in my thoughts, desires, plans and relationships.

Take a shower at least twice a day. This will help to maintain your emotional, mental and physical state of pure harmony. On the day of the eclipse, or immediately after it is well to wash my hair. Add to this the intention to wash off all unnecessary, and you will feel a great relief!

Do not watch TV, especially news. All you really need, you already know.

Do not get fooled by talk of all sorts of negative and do not give in to provocations. You do not help anyone anything, discussing other people's problems. Better to wish everyone happiness and love, let this be your daily practice, especially in the days of eclipses and the period between them.

Remember that your original motives are always the final results, and vice versa. Be mindful as possible, even if you're not used to it. Remember: You make their own destiny by his thoughts, motives, actions and reactions.

The practice of cleansing these days have enormous power.

Raise awareness. Think before you think!

Despite the apparent negative fatality eclipses and their consequences, these periods also carry a great cleansing power, literally turning out inside our psyche, shaking skeletons from the subconscious cabinets, as well as showing the karmic problems and problematic aspects of our lives that require special attention and treatment. One realizes wisely and correctly uses the extraordinary strength and power eclipses, they give a rare, unique opportunity to radically change their fate and realize their wildest dreams.


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