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What is decoupage?

Decorating their own hands - a great way to turn an ordinary object into a standard work of art or simply do creative business for pleasure.

Decoupage - a way exquisite decoration with their hands almost any surface. The word itself is not Russian, as you might guess. It derives from the French and means "to cut." With this technique designed art. Masters could inflict top of the pattern to 100 layers of lacquer to achieve the desired effect. They sought even effect inlays on furniture.

However, modern means to achieve excellent results in less time is also possible. Decoupage is good that people who can not draw professionally, can use drawings on napkins or special cards. With them you can decorate their own hands many things: furniture, dishes, vases, flowerpots, lampshades, etc., all he wants is your imagination.

Where to use?

Using the technique of decoupage, you can create impression painting. Most complex patterns easily translate into the photo frame, use decoupage furniture or decor in the New Year, then cover with a special varnish, and all give the impression that the tree painted.

Decoration can expose many types of surfaces. Try decoupage on woodBy decorating various blanks for caskets, boxes, trays. Surround yourself with the "hand-painted" furniture: tea table with roses, dresser with stylish sophisticated applications or bedside table - these interior items will not go unnoticed. And what about the lamp with shade, decorated with the same technique? Let it illuminates the case of your hands. Objects made of plastic and plastic decorations, glass plates and glasses, ceramic vases and pots, plaster figurines - all this can be decorated with colorful motifs of napkins. Beauty created by your hands will be well protected with lacquer, and quite possibly be the subject of family pride. ;)

Decoupage Candles - The easiest way to make your hands beautiful gift for a loved one. Not complicated and exciting activity that does not require the use of glue and varnish.

Since this is, in fact, applique, it is useful to you the ability to work with scissors. Ordinary and orderly, like, nothing complicated.


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