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How to update the old stuff

If you have a corrupted table, stretched out sweater, accumulated several piles of magazines - it's not a reason to send all these things to the dump! There are few simple ways to bring life back to your old things.


What is it? Decoupage - a decorative technique by which you can convert your old fabrics, dishes, furniture, etc.

How it works? The bottom line is to carve out beautiful napkins or paper patterns, flowers and other images and pasting them on a variety of surfaces for decoration. Top figure covered several times with lacquer.

That can be converted? You can upgrade your old handbag, hat, shoes, clothes and accessories. Also suitable for decoupage various pieces of furniture, glassware, vases, trays, boxes, Christmas ornaments, clocks, etc. With this technique, you can make the original packaging for gifts.

Patchwork and quilting

What is it? Patchwork - needlework, with which of the pieces of fabric sewn whole product.

How it works? Of different things and cut fabric squares, triangles or rectangles and fold to any image. You can use special line for cutting different angles. In the process of creating a new color scheme or pattern. Then all the pieces sewn together so that the seams were on the wrong side of the fabric. Most often used in patchwork cotton fabric, but you can do things and other materials.

That can be converted? Old clothes, linens, the remaining tissue pieces from sewing things that are out of fashion, etc. Easiest done with patchwork plaid that will warm you on cold winter evenings. You can also sew a pillow, blanket, different clothes (cape, skirt, jacket).


What is it? Kviling also called bumagokrucheniem. This is the art of making flat or three-dimensional compositions of twisted into spiral strips of paper.

How it works? Paper cut long or short strips. Torsion do with a special plastic or metal rod with a slot at the end. Such a thing often replace conventional ballpoint pen, toothpick or awl. The paper is wound in a spiral in various shapes, and then all elements are glued together or to any surface in different shapes.

That can be converted? Quilling to suit a variety of colored or white sheets of paper, old magazines of thick paper, etc. You can create postcards, paintings, snowflakes, albums, picture frames, watches, pins and other elements.

To begin with it is best to familiarize yourself with a video tutorial on these decorative techniques. Practice on old things. Attach a creative imagination and you will succeed!

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