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Top-9 main female hobby

Autumn - time of creativity, realizing their potential, introspection and search for identity. Summer all the time before. But autumn is always configures a philosophical mood, inspires, raises above the daily bustle. When even begin to create, if not fall? And no matter what it would be: cross stitching, crochet or knitting needles, decoupage or painting, cooking or weaving beads. The main thing - it brings you pleasure and joy granted.

Remarkably, if you - the ideal prototype of the ladies, all so successful and busy saving the world. Great if the glory of your wisdom and knowledge is a huge area in front of you, if you listen to the girlfriend parted mouth, if you do not know what an uncomfortable pause in the conversation with the young man, when you just do not talk about. Nevertheless, all of the above does not preclude the fact that you can have a nice and quite feminine hobby that makes you enchantress feminine, not feminist-careerists.


We often underestimate the importance of massage in my life. Very often we feel sorry for him time and money. But as practice shows - any shrew can become sun. After quality massage. Want to get it at home from the beloved? And this is even possible. However, we recommend that you start with yourself. Go to a massage courses, to teach yourself to do more relaxing massage - and it will pay you handsomely!

Ask when the next training courses for beginners massage, and sign up for them.

With the help of massage we get we need touch, overclock stagnant energy, and remove the accumulated tension. Reasons to do this quickly - weight. The main thing - to stop coming up with excuses why it is not possible right now.


The best charging and exercise for women - is dancing. They not only give the load to the muscles, but also to develop flexibility, smoothness, gracefulness.

Choose what pleases you. Fashionable in our city salsa, which many are addicted to, and participate in parties on the beach and in the clubs, learn, communicate, and find their friends thanks to a new hobby. Or Kizomba, or maybe you just like a passionate dance - tango?

You can choose and very useful for the female body belly dancing. It is important that you get pleasure from it. That your body receives the required load it, and you at this time - a psychological discharge.

Start dancing never late. Even if you 70 years. By the way, if you as a child dreamed of becoming a ballerina - you also have a chance. Yes, Plisetskaya of you, unfortunately, will not work, but a few lessons and ballet positions at the machine, you will learn exactly. At the same time you want appears to us all the correct posture, self-esteem, and a sense that dreams can come true at any age!


When you cook, you put love into what cooking. You think about your loved ones about what you want them to. Typically is. But now prepare even those who can not or have never prepared. Tasty food and culinary gatherings gradually have become an element of entertainment. Something like fashionable parties. Girls and women, and to confess, even men enjoy visiting cooking classes, participate in workshops that suit restaurants, exchanging recipes.

Facebook and other social networks, such as "LJ" appear culinary culinary blogs and pages on which people communicate, meet, and even organize something tasty.

Experiment with recipes - Find their specialties, their favorite cuisine, favorite spices and proprietary tricks when preparing food. Learn to bake bread, or make the most delicious pilaf. And never cook when you are angry or in a bad mood - it passed the food. Every time you cook with love, you are filled with energy.


Now draw a particularly fashionable. Now draw bankers and financial analysts, accountants and housewives. Not only draw, but also open their own exhibitions. Their works are really talented.

"In each of us sleeps artist" - likes to say my teacher in painting at the training center Balerss. People come here to "zero", that is absolutely not able to paint, and believe that it is this quality of their God cheated. In general, the same ones that "can not sing, but I love." And already in the first session, something scribbled surprised to notice that and in fact is not so bad after all and perhaps anything I can. It gives a sense of inspiration, gives a sense of mission and desire to continue their studies here.

You do not choose for yourself - whether it is art therapy, or, in other words-hemisphere drawing, drawing from nature or just a picture that you have completed under the guidance of an experienced teacher - you still get a result. And much more than you expected. The creative process in which you are immersed, depicting a golden autumn, colors crimson foliage or the fabulous city disables you from everyday worries and problems sets a romantic and contemplative mood, gives you focus, the ability to concentrate on one thing, enables relaxation, and even and as a result, tends to be a mini-masterpiece, made with their own hands, that you may well give someone from the family or friends.


All that woman doing with your hands, it becomes magical. Earlier in Russia women sewed shirts to their spouses, who defended them in battle better than armor. Related mom caps do not give the baby to catch a cold. And her embroidered paintings create a home atmosphere of coziness and love.

In addition, during the running of needlework slows your thoughts, you do creativity - which is very important for the female energy, hobby gives you the inspiration and energy, and the results of your work can give relatives and friends.

Important to find your kind of needlework - fortunately, a lot of them. Sewing, embroidery, weaving macrame, creating puppets with their hands (a hobby that has become recently very fashionable, especially dolls) skapbuking and so on. Very many of the girls involved in the creation of jewelry copyright. It is also very fashionable now a hobby. Someone creates incredibly beautiful necklace of beads, someone working with natural stones, someone creates designer accessories of artificial flowers or fabric, lace and other materials.


Assign your own hands sweater yourself and your baby. Ensure all family related with love warm socks, what could be better? Knitting well calms the nervous system - long established scientists. It allows you to calm down and even create something warm and useful. Cold weather outside may be an inspiration to a warm scarf or hat for yourself or your loved ones. Besides, knitted own hands thing - a great gift. Start knitting and the new year will provide close comfortable golf or sweater with deers.


Fall like no other time of year - inspiring. We all succumb to its charm envelops, magnetism, bright colors, and contemplative beauty. How often do we stop in his tracks when he saw maple leaves reflected in the water surface of the river, or watching the sunset or sunrise over yellow crimson forest .. This chain of transfers is endless. And you want to capture it all in memory. So what's the holdup? Take up a camera and go for photoshoot. On the hunt? Of course on the unique and amazing shots. And we fit all - and the city's parks, which are now particularly well, and Sigulda and Cesis and Kuldiga castle Bīriņi. Seashore in Jurmala or Kolka lighthouse in Mersrags, or perhaps your preplanned trip. Overall - a photograph. In winter, do a slideshow of our photos and we will remember the best moments of our fall, the best moments of life.

Want to do everything professionally, to know how to choose the right light, the shutter speed, the angle? Sign up for Photo courses. They now also quite a lot.

Felting wool and decoupage

You always fascinated funny little creatures, matted wool and you wanted to try something like that? It's time to try. By the way, you can not only play the little animals. For imagination here is huge scope: woolly hat can be special for bath (a gift for her husband or in-laws), a nice warm scarf, hat or even a hat. Can woolly slippers to walk home was cozy. And much more. It would be a desire to learn. Materials for felting fully in any store type Tiimaris, Duni or Jusk `e. Also in store Viss Hobbijam, incidentally, if it you will also learn about the courses and felting, if you want to sign up and learn to do something unique.

Decoupage - a unique decorating technique, which we have previously mentioned. With its help, you can make unique furniture in your house and make it look old antique, or decorate as you like, you can also create a picture frame, stand, create a unique box and turn in all the decor items that will get you by the hand - whether chest, watering or mural. You can make your own or with your kids to create unique Christmas decorations, or build a unique gift bag in girlfriend. Napkins, glue and special equipment, as well as some auxiliary elmenty to help you! From time to time this technique is taught in the Women's Educational Center.

Clay modeling and floristry

We are talking about something not even floristry, but about the ability to collect autumn bouquets or as they used to say in our childhood - herbaria. Someone creates unique pieces of driftwood, pridelyvaya her maple leaves, chestnuts and decorative moss. A friend of mine has found many inflorescences hogweed, and painted it white, get an interesting decoration. In general, the main thing that you worked well fantasy. In crafts fit all that is in nature.

As for the clay - then the situation is somewhat more serious. Of course, to learn how to make clay dishes, cooking utensils, or at least a cup - it is necessary to enroll. But if you prefer all the "hand-made", it should please you. The process itself is also pacifies. In addition, the clay itself - very thankful energetically saturated material. It is as though the earth gives us energy. So do not get you just can not. All that you are blind - will be beautiful.

Choose what you closer, and boldly create! You can learn soap-making, the creation of fragrances based on essential oils and much more. Of course, we did not list such a lovely autumn classes like reading books, watching good movies, and other and other. You do not choose, rest assured - you will succeed!

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