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Fabric Flower with their hands

In this fashion season one of the hottest trends are flowers. In most collections you can see the dresses and accessories in a flower decorated with flowers. Fabric flowers is a great spring decoration that emphasizes femininity and beauty.

Showy flowers of fabric at first glance may seem very difficult to manufacture, but in fact they can do it yourself and we will show you how simple it is. So, do flower of fabric with your hands.

You will need:

  • Synthetic fabrics: satin or satin, organza polyester chiffon Synthetic;
  • candle or other fire source;
  • Pattern of paper (you can use one sheet with concentric circles);
  • pins;
  • needle and thread in the fabric color;
  • beads.

Before you begin:

  • Find a place where there are no drafts. The slightest breeze will affect the flame of a candle and complicate control over the shape of the petal edges at melting.
  • Zagotovte pattern. It may be in the form of a flower or circles. Take a sheet of paper and a compass, draw concentric circles. You will cut out petals from larger to smaller, cutting the pattern on the fly.
  • Take a few petals, and practice melted edge.
  • Determine how many colors you want to do and what size. Remember that you need to cut the petals a bit more of the desired size of the flower, as at melting edge they decrease.


1. Cut petals. At least one flower should be five petals. Depending on how lush flower you want to get the number of petals can be increased indefinitely.

2. Melted region. Due to the properties of synthetic fabrics melted by the fire we get voluminous petals. No need to keep the petal too close to the fire. Petal pivoted in a circle until the whole region is not melted and not get the desired result.
3. Start processing the petals from the largest to the smallest.

4. Collect the petals in a flower. Move it from side to side to give a more natural shape.

5. Take a flower, holding his index finger in the center so that the petals have not moved. From the bottom of stabs him with a pin so that kept all the petals.
6. Sew bead capturing all the layers. And flower of fabric ready.

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