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10 myths about love

About Love said a lot. Poets and philosophers, writers and celebrities - all sang this feeling or talking about him. We are using the resource Psychology Today summarized all the myths about love expressed in society anyway.

Love - is a chemical reaction

We often believe that love - a chemical or a magnetic connection between people. But this is not so, as there are significant differences between living and nonliving systems. Living systems are active, constantly, they tend to keep everything from which they depend. Inanimate systems, such as chemical elements or magnetic powers, or form the link, or do not form. They do not seek to preserve or maintain something. Especially - relationship.

We still can not chemically or magnetically unrelated. Love - a living substance, a lively sense, she can not be inanimate system or reaction of chemical elements. Live - means to love, and vice versa, to love - it means to live. The origin of life is the origin of love.

We can love everyone and everything

No, not all. Our energy as the time of our lives - are limited. Likewise, with love, the ability to love someone. Besides, we can not love everyone and everything. In order to love, need some work. And we need to choose someone to love, but someone - no. After choosing who to love, we at the same time and who choose not to love. This applies to marriage, family, country. Our love is focused on our internal life values, and does not notice anything else.

Love and relationship - different things

We believe that love - it's good, but to be dependent - it's bad, and it's totally different things. In fact, love and addiction is, pardon the tautology interdependent phenomena closely related to each other. Try to tear lovers apart from a drug addict or a dog from his bowl ... Each of them immediately feel the loss, and feel the emptiness of life. We can love someone or something, about what others will think that we just depend on it.

In life we ​​love more than disliked

Is it true that we are more like than dislike? It is clear that we think more about the people we love, and those cases that appreciate and do not think about the other people and things. We can not give my love to everyone. The more we love someone, the worse it will be if something happened to him.

It happens often: the more we see the beautiful actions, the more we seem to be ugly the rest of the case. And the more you got, the more achievements you have, the more you hate failure. Because the more we want something, the more do not want the opposite.

I enjoy more and more all the other

You may think that love is stronger and longer than everyone around, just because you love your inner intensely worried and very bright. Those people who really love more productive in life, it is inherent in more energy.

Good people love, and bad - can not

Not always love - it's good. For example, Hitler - too much loved himself, the Third Reich and its ideology. Although psychologists classify it as more painful dependence, extremely bad love, but on the other side of this love Hitler was too much. Most importantly, what and how you like.

Religion unites us in the name of one love

The history of religion is the history of people who want to unite us all for a united purpose, one God, faith and clarity. There is no original love. The universe is about 14 billion years and the first 10 billion years, no one believed anyone loved. No, and there will not be one perfect and ideal love for all. Life is not a hunt for the most precious value that we are looking for. And the one who thinks he has found that most important value will invariably be disappointed. But in life, weight flows, and everything changes, and also, as we change the place of work, we change ourselves, it's good for us to learn to change and love for others. This means that you will immediately cease to be safe, but life is progress and continuous movement, and therefore you must be able to adapt to the new, be more flexible, change and open up to a new and unprecedented movement.

Love - the opposite of "cold economic calculation"

The basis of the economy - understanding of the values ​​of currencies and their dynamics. Economists talk centered around supply and demand. Discussions of goods and their substitutability we often can compare with love. We can assume that this is "too much", it's tough and incomparable, but the truth is there are similarities.

For example, if your favorite store does not work, you go to another. If your heart is on strike and hurt, if it is broken - you can use artificial. If your favorite / I'm throwing, you can find another (th). Perhaps it looks cold calculation, but it shows how love works in life.

Loving and calling to love people - moral

This is not entirely true. Often these people their values, ideals and love simply impose others. But love must be mutual and reciprocal - otherwise it just does not love, and that love does not matter. Love must be born naturally, simply occur and not occur due to the fact that this really wants someone else.

Love - is the answer

Love - is not the answer, it is always a question. What and who to love? You can not love everyone and everything. You always face a choice. Love no more, but be careful. Evaluate who can give her love and who does not deserve it.

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