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10 steps to becoming a stunning mistress

The article describes 10 effective tips to help you become a truly perfect lover. This article is intended for adult audiences.

Every woman dreams of becoming the single most unique for your loved one, but not every succeeds. And it is not in the culinary arts, and even the ability to just keep quiet and do not nag her husband for the slightest misstep. All this pales before bed skill, because it is a passion and desire often strengthen marriages and alliances more than tenderness, trust and harmony.

So if you want to make your relationship truly eternal, then just need to memorize 10 tips to help you become a first-class mistress for the elect.

Tip One is taboo for food to sex. Men by nature are creatures rather lazy. If they naedyatsya to satiety, then intimate entertainment they simply do not have strength left. And if they stay, the boring and banal frictions can hardly be called a magical sex.
Permanent demonstration own satisfaction that advice at number two. If overtakes orgasm, there is nothing to restrain their emotions. Male sex loves ears, and he especially likes the screams and moans of delight beloved.

Planning for the duration of intercourse is likely prerogative, more women than men. It has long been known that the peak of pleasure male female reaches faster, so it will first take care of their own pleasure, and only then the pleasure partner.

Fourth Council Regarding oral sex. Rarely a man does not dream about such an intimate meeting, it would be foolish to deny your loved one in this. Especially that oral sex is much cleanliness of even the most ordinary kiss. By the way, that in return can also ask your partner about a similar service that will certainly enjoy both lovers.

Anal sex is another dream 80 percent of the male population. And if the choice is hit the most, the perfect lover is simply obliged to give him the opportunity to experience all the delights of such non-standard form of erotic pastime. But it is worth remembering that anal sex without preparation is more torture than pleasure, and in this case it is better not to hurry.

Next tip - is the periodic use of role-playing games. As you know, sexual fantasies is visiting all the people, so why not unleash your imagination and the imagination of his partner. Welcome any scenario and any role, as long as they worried about the body and mind at once both partners.

Very often men ask his chosen to try on the role of which tend to refuse all decent, modest and quiet woman. But the ideal lover is the exception, because they will always be happy to appear before a loved one in the manner that it is more than the entire plant. So, for the sake of good sex is sometimes worth an hour to become a "call girl" or preoccupied and insatiable "nurse."

The eighth tip is that the display of feelings and desires is the key to a memorable sexual pastime. If a man in the midst of the working day to throw a text message, telling about upcoming sensual night, until the evening, he is more of anything else just would not be able to think.

Also do not forget that the male loves his eyes. So it is better to throw greasy robes and strange underwear, inherited from the institute. Lace combination, refinement of the naked body, and constant demonstration barely covered with charms are the main keys to permanent sexual interest.

One last tip for the fact that meet the man she loved, always and everywhere. And if you do not have time for a full sexual intercourse, then there are other, no less savory and sweet ways to show your lover all his skill and mastery of a bed in the living area.

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