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14 tiny love stories that make you smile

If you do not already know, the web site has a curious Makes Me Think, which brings together small stories or phrases of ordinary people - about life, death, love, happiness, grief ... but everything else! Something new appears there regularly, so if you are reading in English, it is worth adding to your bookmarks.

We picked 14 tiny love stories that will make you smile. And maybe cry with joy for others. Why 14? His, fifteenth - for good measure - you can write in the comments.

1. The strength of the case and love ...

"Today, I spent my daughter down the aisle. Ten years ago, I pulled 14-year-old boy from a burning SUV his mother - right after a serious accident. Doctors first told that he will never walk again. My daughter came with me to the hospital a couple of times visit the boy, then she started to walk by itself. Today I saw him, smiling widely, standing on his two feet - at the moment when he wore a ring on the finger of my daughter. "

2. About the ability to give other people's debts

"Today, I told my 18-year old grandson that nobody asked me to the prom, when I finished school, so I did not go to him. He said to my house this evening dressed in a suit and took with him on his graduation as girlfriends. "

3. About loyalty

"Today, when she woke up from 11-month coma, she kissed me and said," Thank you for being here and telling me these wonderful stories and that did not leave me .... And yes, I will marry you. "

4. About romance at any age

"Today I was sitting in the park, eating my sandwich for lunch, when I saw the old oak close podel car with an elderly couple inside. He dropped the glass and came the sound of good jazz. Then a man came out of the car and helped get out companion, took her a few meters from the car and in the next half hour they danced under the old oak tree to the sounds of jazz. "

5. On the ability to give their lives

"Today, I urgently operated on a little girl. She needed a certain type of blood - we have it was not. But it was her twin brother. I explained the situation to him, he said that we really need his blood, it's a matter of life and death for his sister. He sat silent a moment, and then said goodbye to his parents and went to donate blood. I did not think anything like that - until the moment when he asked, "And when I die?" He thought that he gives all his blood in order that his sister could live. Fortunately, the operation was successful, and with both of them very well. "

6. On when the whole world is quite

"Today, my eight year old son hugged me and said:" You are the best mom in the world ". I smiled and sarcastically asked," How can you know that? You do not see all the moms in the world. "My son hugged me tight and said:" I have seen. You - my world. "

7. The fact that the expression of love is the force even when no forces

"Today, on the birthday of my labrador (he 21 year), he almost can not stand, can not see, hear and almost never find the courage to bark. But it does not stop him from being able to happily wagging his tail every time when I walk into a room. "

8. About help even sworn enemies

"My 88-year-old grandmother and her 17-year-old cat - blind. My grandmother at home helps move a guide dog, which is natural and normal. Recently, however, the dog began to drive around the house and the cat. When the cat meows, the dog comes and rubs on her nose. Then cat gets up and starts walking the dog - to the feed to "toilet" to the chair in which she likes to sleep. "

9. About love, which does not require disclosure of

"Today I learned that my older brother passed the bone marrow (a very painful procedure - Approx. Eds) 16 times - all in order to help cure my cancer. He only talked to my doctor and I have nothing to know, not mention the fact that I did not ask for. And today I learned that the treatment I took the last few months, and has helped the cancer retreated. "

10. On a second chance to live and love

"Today I reread my last letter I wrote 2 September 1996 years, firmly intending to commit suicide. Posted two minutes before me came to visit my girlfriend and said," I'm pregnant. "I suddenly there was reason live. Today she is my wife, my daughter almost 15 years and she has two younger brothers. I reread my last letter from time to time - as a reminder that I should be grateful that I was given a second chance to live and to love. "

11. On the small signs of great importance

"Today, like every day for the past two months, I came back from school with traces of burns on his face. Prior to that, I spent nearly a month in the hospital being treated from wounds received in a fire in my house. And today, as always last 60 days, the door handle was fastened house rose. I have no idea who their reserves. I even tried several times to return home early - but rose in this case was waiting for me. "

12. About how important it is to be together throughout

"Today, to my classes language for deaf woman came, which was removed in an attempt to defeat the larynx cancer. Together with her classes came her husband, four children, two sisters, brother, mother, father and close friends 12. All they wanted to be able to continue to communicate with her even after she lost the ability to speak. "

13. About how you can not give up

"Today, my dad found my younger sister - live chained to a wall in the barn. She was abducted near Mexico City five months ago. Authorities stopped looking for her two weeks after the disappearance. My mom and I resigned to her death - in the last month we buried her . All our family and friends came to the funeral. All except his father - he only went to look for her. "I love her too much to give up," - he said. And now she's home - because he did not give up. "

14. To learn how to die in one day

"Today, my grandfather and my grandmother, who were both a bit" for 90 "and who have lived together 72 years, died of natural causes. They went into another world with a difference of one hour."

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