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20 ways to get more pleasure from sex

In order to get more from sex pleasure, you need to move away from the ordinary. Bring in your intimate life of variety! For example, to have sex at night on the beach or in front of a mirror, etc. Here are twenty ways to help get more from sex pleasure.

Twenty ways to get more pleasure from sex:

  • Twenty ways to get more pleasure from seksaPervy way is to talk less about sex and more than they do. According to statistics, in the sixties couples had sex three times a week, but today it is about twice as frequently. This is due to the fact that currently a lot of talk about sex being, as well as to show the film, various talk shows. Sex has ceased to be something secret and intimate.
  • In order to have fun, do not put off making love. Spontaneity - that's the main satellite orgasm! But if there was a desire to have sex with her man, but after ten minutes you expect guests, do not delay. After ten minutes may be sufficient to simply get an unforgettable pleasure.
  • To get the maximum pleasure from sex, which he occupied in the morning. After all, at this time there is a high blood level of hormones that contribute to mind-blowing orgasms.
  • During sex, do not think about their everyday problems, they should be left on the sidelines.
  • Another way that promotes getting more pleasure from sex is that your body needs to be in order, ie necessarily be accurate intimate haircut. Intimate haircut can make the most diverse, it all depends on taste. In addition, must be clean-shaven armpits and legs. It is very important to feel beautiful. Then it will be easier to get pleasure from sex and enjoy it all 100.

  • The sixth method - high heels. It is recommended to wear every day, thus will be training the pelvic muscles, which subsequently affect the way that during sex you can keep control of their intimate muscles. Twenty ways to get more pleasure from sex
  • Good sex on affect and pillows. Their use is recommended during sex by placing, for example, under the belly with a pose "doggy style" etc. Try and experiment!
  • To feel in your body ease, it is recommended to get rid of their bad habits, such as smoking, and food that contains high amounts of fat. It is also recommended to get rid of excess weight you with a suitable diet. This is going to affect the improvement of circulation and increase the sensitivity of the erogenous zones.
  • Love yourself, your body, and you can be sexually liberated!
  • In order to get sex more enjoyable, read the book "Kama Sutra." Take everything that is written is not necessarily there, but, for example, to adopt several ways to kiss, foreplay can. This book can be viewed and, together with his beloved man.
  • To make sex more exciting, you just need to remember what it was you at the beginning of your relationship. Mood - that's the secret of success in sex.
  • Great sex is obtained and immediately after exercise. Indeed, during the training improves blood circulation, stamina, increases production of hormones that contribute to obtain an intense orgasm. Twenty ways to get more pleasure from sex
  • During sex, do not get hung up on the fact that you have cellulite on your thighs is present, because in this moment this man is not paying any attention either. He wants you for who you are.
  • To achieve a harmonious relationship with a man, it should praise. Then your partner to do everything not to disappoint you and meet your expectations.

  • For sex need to choose a variety of scenery, such as silk bedding red or black. Unusual sex can make and white linens and blue stripes or patterned linen - red heart. Try finally, role play, you'll see they will make your love life more rich.
  • Do not dream about sex, such as the Eiffel Tower, because of this you will have nothing but problems with the gendarmerie. If you want any image to diversify its lighting change or, conversely, turn off the lights and make love in the dark.
  • Have more fun and make sex more exciting and help attributes such as clothing made of latex, whips, eye bandages and much more. Try it, you might like it!.
  • By the way, most men do not like to engage in shopping with their partner, but when it comes to sex shop all changes radically. So if you decide to become a bad girl, be it to the end!
  • To improve sex, need as much hugging, kissing, as if you just started dating, oblivious of time, responsibilities and problems.
  • But if you suddenly could not get an orgasm, do not worry. Try another time by changing the position in which it is best to stimulate the clitoris. Remember that intimate life depends not only on the partner, but also to you!

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