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3 most vulgar misconceptions about men and women

Nowhere is there such a large number of dangerous, ridiculous and outdated misconceptions, both in terms of the relation between the sexes. There are layered so many errors, lies, prejudice, hopelessly outdated and unscientific postulates that simply amazed. Continue to deal with them.

We have already considered the most harmful errors. Now talking about the most vulgar.

1. Men want sex, women - love

All, both men and women, want love. Great, sincere, selfless, sweeping away everything in its path, despising social inequality and national prejudices. But are you interested in being loved in the first place? men. If there is love, it does not matter whether you are rich or poor, noble or plebeian, you have prospects, or you will remain a fitter until the end of the century. You will also have a regular free, notice, sex until exhaustion, and kiddies, and clean, freshly stitched socks, and a cutlet with potatoes in the evening after work, and on the weekends even pies with apples.

What, in fact, so good true love, in all its manifestations? That provides a person safety. Sincerely loves and betrays not obvoruyut not prirezhet you sleeping for five cents. On the contrary - support then if you turn away from fortune. No coat-bryuliki not tie a woman to a man so much as love.

(Do kings emperors once walked the markets with little or no protection? There were not afraid - "my people love me!". Present to politicians, spending on "unprecedented security measures" taxpayers millions yes think about it ... But it is, by the way ).
And what about sex? The time when it really - purely physiologically - is needed, is not too large in comparison with the life span in general. But care and peace of mind, which only love is capable of providing, is always necessary. Those men who want from a woman only sex, are unpromising both as lovers and as individuals. Women, unable to love themselves and profess the above principle in dealing with a strong sex, go into full circulation with the appearance of the first signs of cellulite. If for some person sex seems to be the main component of existence, then with time irretrievably gone, sex will leave a deaf emptiness. Love, passing in different qualities, remains forever. And this is the "reliable rear" that a man needs to accomplish his incredible feats.

2. Men love with their eyes, ears and women

And ... as a result, a woman simply has to be a beauty, and a man can be a little better of a crocodile, but it should sing like a nightingale. Cool story!

Women in a man subconsciously (or quite consciously) see the father of their children who will feed and protect them. Therefore, women initially choose their partners with minimal decent physical data, that is, at least relatively beautiful, because a frail monster can not fulfill its purpose - to be a producer, hunter and warrior. Here both sexes act in exactly the same way - with their eyes. And as for the "ears" ... This is only afterwards - when the chosen one is allowed to approach and open his mouth. As in beauty contests, only a tenth of the contestants get to the interview.

And then there is a time of hard trials for the seekers of love. How many men are able to tell a woman (who, according to statistics, is simply more educated and better able to manage words), why would she hang these ears, like linen to dry, like a boiled cabbage, and crumble with happiness, collapse on his chest? Well, dear man, you listen carefully ... And you? You mumble something, painfully trying to remember at least one anecdote without a mat, repeat endlessly "well ... this is the same thing" and "is shorter ... like ... shorter". Then one involuntarily recalls another common truth: "Be silent - for a clever man you will come down."

But you should be able to remain silent and. Significantly, elevated ... And as we have this?

So, dear, Alexandra, Dima and Pavlik ... Want to be loved? Go to the gym more often Wash and read more.

3. Women - monogamous, and men - are polygamous

Old guys, oh, how old. Wrong and very, very bad. Homo sapiens are by nature polygamous creature - just like an overwhelming number of warm-blooded animals, including primates. All the stories "about loyalty swan" - it is a beautiful conjecture, only partly true. Yes, many animals form strong pair. But nature can not be allowed to stay without a partner to stay healthy animal in mournful widowhood. It is unproductive. Sooner or later, the sadness will pass, and the individual will jump to look for a new hobby.

And so people have a right at every turn!

It's just that polygamy is parallel for men, and for women it is consistent. A man can simultaneously be the husband of many women - if he, of course, is able to feed this crowd. But a woman needs to replace a heart friend about once every four years - her polygamous nature is manifested in this way. During this time the woman manages to fall in love, give birth to a child and raise him before he starts running and babbling, and then ... Then comes the most critical for marriage, the fifth-seventh-twelfth year, when a woman needs another love, another beloved and another child . Nature is interested in the appearance of different people. So there is more probability of producing something particularly successful.

Fortunately, not all marriages fail, but this unpleasant phenomenon guilty and female propensity to change partner. Alas!

... There is a family form that does not contradict rotten theories about a purely polygamous man and is rested against a monogamous woman. This is ... a harem. Yes Yes! An orthodox Muslim is allowed to have four lawful wives and a bunch of concubines. Some African king can pick up at least the entire female part of his tribe. BUT! How to realize their polygamousness to those men who have a more powerful neighbor taken away from the nose of potential spouses ?! Only raise a riot and take away the power taken away. Is not this, in fact, all the conflicts? And who is the villain who imposed this "axiom" on male friends? Find it is unlikely to succeed, but the ardent male polygamous for the men themselves to follow well is completely unprofitable. For most, it is extremely inconvenient and even fatal.

And what is done with the poor, monogamous women forced to divide into ten one husband, that he is a hundred times Great and Mighty! That it is the "Magnificent Century"?! Babeshko poor suffer from sexual dissatisfaction, at the time when the windows run dozens of emaciated bachelors? Oh, curse propadom such a life!

So do not close under dubious theories. Thoroughly shuffling the deck! Long live freedom from all prejudices!


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