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6 methods wise woman makes a man to be generous

Why do some women men surround care, give them gifts, endlessly spend money on them, and the other goes to a modest bouquet on March 8?

If you belong to the second category, then you have good news: generosity - a quality inherent in the nature of every man, is only to know how to awaken in his chosen one. We find out what 6 methods make your lover to be attentive and generous.

Rejoice Gifts

Why are we so love to indulge young children presents? They know how they truly enjoy! Wanting to again be seen on the face of the kid excited about the next surprise, we were not too lazy to spend time and money and purchase another (let even a hundred twenty-fifth and not too desired) toys, books, yes anything! Children's immediacy and the ability to enjoy the little things worth learning: the happier you will respond to everyone, even a very small gift a loved one, the more he will want to please you again. Of course, we are not talking about hypocrisy - insincerity is always felt and will serve you a disservice. But sometimes learn to "include" a little girl who receives gifts with delight and joy, is possible and necessary.

Ask for help

Generosity goes hand in hand with the desire to care for and protect. If your man does not quite fit the image of a knight-protector, it is worth considering: And you give him that opportunity? Image of separate and independent "Iron Lady" can become so familiar that we gradually wean exercise feminine fragility and weakness - and if so, the man sometimes does not imply that we are waiting for him manifestations of attention. Start asking a loved one to help - even if at first you will be hard to do it, and the internal voice will strongly whisper: "I myself can handle!" One of the basic needs of man - to feel needed, and if you give him this feeling, he will answer you generosity and genuine concern.


Woman with enviable enthusiasm chastised chosen for greed, but is not able to heartily thank, only contributes to the fact that her man will every day become more and more greedy and stingy. To favorite want to spend money on you rate his efforts and always praise his generosity - tell us how this quality is important to you and how you admire his men's care and attention to you. Sincere thanks and admiration can do wonders - even the most economical man wants to endlessly surround you with care and surprise gifts for no reason at all.

Say they want

Men, unfortunately (or fortunately?), Can not read thoughts, and allusions, as a rule, difficult to understand. So if your man alien of generosity, and it frustrates you, do not expect it, "he guesses" about the reasons of your discontent - not guess! Tell your loved about their desires - but not in the form of reproach ("Do you ever pity me the money!"), Comparisons ("But Ole husband flowers gives no reason at all!") Or the uncompromising demands ("I want you to I bought a coat "). The best way - it does not criticize and do not manipulate, and talk about their feelings. Loving man will want to please you even a bouquet of flowers, if you sincerely admit: "I would be very pleased if you frequently gave me gifts - for me so much your attention!"

Is permitted himself to dream

Sometimes, if we are to lock the generosity of a loved one, sometimes not even realizing this report. Does it ever happen that the question of the man, "What do you give, my dear?" You answered, "I have everything you need, do not waste your money"? Or, maybe you elect chastised for being too expensive gift, and even offered to return it to the store? Keep in mind that this reaction - a heavy-duty "muffler" men's generosity: a reason to care about a woman who "have everything" and who does not consider himself worthy of expensive gifts? If you are looking at women, surrounded by male attention, wondering how they achieve such a relationship, here's the answer: they're just not afraid to be willing and able to willing to accept - with gratitude, but also with dignity, without fear "owe" and not trying act as an accountant counts each man spent a penny.

Be generous

Generosity - a quality that can develop quickly enough, we need only to create the proper atmosphere. If you want a man to be generous toward you, learn to be generous yourself - giving attention, time and energy to yourself and your family, do not skimp on nice words and emotions to make surprises for no reason, give small gifts - in a word, cultivate generosity in your relationship: inspired by your mood, the man he gradually begins to become more generous and attentive.

ANNA Plyusnin