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7 good reasons to file for divorce

How to determine what your relationship came to an end, and together you nothing else to do.

1. He changed you

If you do not like to be cheated, and sharing a bed with the apostate - to file for divorce without delay. It is very unlikely that you get good trusting relationship.

2. He raised his hand to you

In additional comments, this item does not need. Remember, if raised 1 time will be the second and tenth.

3. Your husband lied

If you are caught in a lie husband more than once, and she was not innocent, and the global need to stop this.

4. You have constant disagreements

Not a day passes without quarrels and thrown furniture. Your views radically different, and no one wants to compromise. You feel exhausted, having this man aggression, hostility or even hatred.

5. Your husband - an alcoholic

If your man is hardly to be sober, can easily offend you in a drunken head, it is not at home for days. And when a large portion of the family budget is spent on alcohol - this is not included in any frame.

6. You might be exploited husband

If you are of the woman he loved turned exclusively on the kitchen slave, and her husband every day requires you more - he does not respect you. You do not deserve such treatment.

7. No more feelings

Live with unloved man because of habit or children to have a father - not the best idea. Cooled feelings almost immediately make themselves known. Sometimes there is a chance to return, but in most cases to share life with a stranger - a mockery.


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