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That men and women appreciate each other more often?

Psychologists have seen that in a romantic relationship, men and women choose partners based on different criteria.

It is believed that in the romantic affairs of men and women have different opinions partner. Some time ago, like psychologists have denied this "folk wisdom" came to the conclusion that in each other, no matter what they said to themselves, men and women are looking for the same things. But in a new paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology experts from Arizona State University (USA), states otherwise: they both really look at each other in different ways: women are looking to partner a high social status, and men attractive enough Kompyulenta reports.

Feature of the experiment Norman Lee now that the people of the subjects were clearly unattractive and obviously low social status. In all other respects as usual participants in the experiment staged session communicate with each other, during which they had to determine whether they fit the interlocutor as a romantic partner. (In any case, we note that all test subjects were heterosexual.)

Found that men, including unattractive, ugly often rejected a potential partner. Women are stronger than men pushed in low social status. In both cases, the experimental observations match what subjects were written about his psychological questionnaires: the ladies liked least sredneuspeshny man and gentlemen - at least sredneprivlekatelnaya woman.

According to the authors, the first time they were able to show in the love of psychology is the correspondence between reality and dreams. And it succeeded because they have different approach to assessing priorities: this time psychologists interested not perfect features sought by the subjects of both sexes and that they appear to be common, and what they tried to avoid.

Well, at the cons in a partner, men and women, as we have seen, look differently. In addition, the researchers emphasize, previous experiments of this type were placed with the university auditorium, with students and teachers, and in this case the difference in status is not so noticeable. Which once again indicates how psychologists should be alert to the context of the experiment.

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