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How to play the role-playing games for adults

In sexual games we start playing with the appearance of interest in the opposite sex. It's not just what we do in bed, but our behavior and attitudes of flirting. Why do we role-play during sex and how to play them, tell the doctor-sexologist, psychotherapist and psychologist Eugene Kulgavchuk, Gestalt therapist Julia Chervyakova.

In the public mind, role-playing games in sex are something like a costume show with whips or cat's ears, but in reality everything is not so theatrical. Eugene Kulgavchuk emphasizes that it is not so much a role as the game itself that is important: "It, of course, involves changing both the usual picture and the line of behavior." Sexual role-playing is primarily a new scenario, acceptable to partners. To realize it you can use costumes and scenery, but you can do without entourage. The main thing is the desire to appear before each other in unusual roles, the ability to express them and "get" a partner. This is the meaning and the task of role-playing games.

Like any game in general, role-playing with a husband or boyfriend have their own rules. There are important points that you should take into account before buying a maid costume and venturing home "cleaning" with new goals.

- First of all it is important to feel the desire to play, rather than trying to work through force only in order to attract attention. Eugene Kulgavchuk explains: "In fact, it is a demonstration of creative approach to sexual relationships, as well as loyalty to the man with whom want to play." That is, without the desire of creativity can not do.

- The desire to experiment with images must be mutual. "There are two games in games, and it is of great importance whether the second partner is set up for the game. Otherwise, this is fraught with a situation from an anecdote when a home-hungry and irritated husband asks a wife who meets him, dressed in a latex suit with a mask: "Hello, Batman! Do we have anything to eat at home? "- jokes Eugene Kulgavchuk. This view is confirmed by Julia Chervyakova: "Role-playing games should be acceptable for both, because mutual consent is important in the pair". The theme and plot for the game is important to choose those that will be tempting for you and for the man. It can be anything - from trying to repeat your "first time" to complex scenarios with characters that are not characteristic of you in real life.

- Preparation for the game. If you have the desire to play both, it is important to be able to tune in, especially if it is role-playing games with her husband. Role playing with a new or casual lover have their own characteristics. "With a casual partner not yet established the role of behavior, so surprise and play a little bit easier. Especially in the period of love often men enthusiastically accept almost any initiative - says Eugene Kulgavchuk. - Random, we wonder, and with constant input variety. After the monotony often reduces sexual desire. "

"With an unfamiliar partner, the role-playing game takes place on its own, without special actions. In this case, we are more in contact with fantasies and ideas about a person than with a real person, "confirms Yulia Chervyakova. Eugene Kulgavchuk notes that the preparation, of course, does not mean the full text of the script and the director's remarks. But an email with the text: "I have a sexual surprise for you today" is still necessary. "Some people, with a sudden masquerade and a sharp change in behavior patterns, can be scared and repelled. Or put in an uncomfortable position. Not everyone can accept such surprises with enthusiasm, and not all of them are needed. "

People who play games

The question arises: who needs them and why? "Sexual role-playing games can diversify an intimate life, this is a wonderful way to keep the sharpness of feelings and emotions. For each they give something of their own. Someone needs this for emotional relaxation, another for realization of their sexual fantasies, the third for renewal of relations, says Julia Chervyakova. - If you have a trusting relationship with a partner, you are liberated, forgotten about embarrassment and can share your fantasy and realize it - it suits you. If there is some kind of embarrassment, or one of the partners does not want to play a role, then it will be quite difficult to implement a sex role-playing game. "

But sometimes it is important to try and. The first time you can feel awkward, so do not get enchanting sex, but then everything can change. "I often recommend Spouses try role-playing as one of the items the update process relations. And previously ascertained preferences both in individual interviews. This allows such experiments to cheer, - shares his medical expertise Eugene Kulgavchuk. Further to the update and refresh relations there are other rewards.

1. The first bonus for men. "Man, initially inclined toward some polygamous biology, gets one more woman," - says Eugene Kulgavchuk.

2. The second important for women. Role playing husband and wife can give a woman throw out the accumulated emotions - from the desire to shine and delight to the usual tantrums. In this case, the emotion will be constructive and destructive to not couple.

3. Owning a total mystery. It brings together and makes a couple of ordinary husband and wife conspirators. For everyone else on your favorite corporate party regular director of advertising, but you know something, it is a real special agent with handcuffs in his pocket. He, in turn, remember that you are competing intelligence agent, and after the party you should neutralize all available means.

One need only try to role-playing games with her husband, playing them can love. But it is important to know about yet another nuance. Commented Eugene Kulgavchuk: "Despite the positive aspects of role-playing games, it is worth remembering that these games can only be accessory addition. It is important that they did not replace a real relationship. After all, we love all the same people, not their role. "

Who Play

The nature and role-play scenario, typically associated with sexual fantasies. Selected script can tell a lot about the couple relationships, problems and may even give a direction to the solutions.

1. Games with subordination. They can have a different embodiment. He is a strict boss - she is a secretary, she is an iron lady in a man's suit - he is romantic and pliant, she is a kitty - he is its master. A maid in a white apron and a disgruntled client, policemen, etc. Such roles can have different roots. The first reason: the obvious dominance of one of the partners in life. In this case, role play is a way to swap places, the lead partner gets a discharge. If the roles do not change, this is an occasion to reflect on harmony in the relationship. Such games can also be compensation for other areas not associated with the pair. If someone is in reality a boss, in a role-playing game he can enjoy passivity.

2. Games seduction. Nurse, bride, virgin, unapproachable nun and "Lolita." Those characters that need to seduce and attach to something. It's exciting and discharges. Such games say that the pair want to return the novelty of sensations, that is to make all the "first time". Hence-playing scenarios are taken first date or a servant of the reincarnation of a secret cult.

3. Spontaneous game. Games that are not planned in advance, but can happen due to circumstances. Maybe you never dreamed about sex on the train, but if you find yourself alone in the compartment, born fantasy about welcoming conductor. Sleeping passengers behind the wall cause additional adrenaline.

4. Playing with food. Characterized by a romantic mood couples. Strawberries and cream, chocolate cream, bath with champagne not only excite - it's beautiful.

5. Repeating scenarios from the movies. This does not necessarily adult movies. You might want to rewrite the script "Maiden" or open the main line "Slaves Izaury" in their own way. These games are good ready-made course of action and peculiar pairs newcomers. Having mastered them, you can begin to invent their own, without fear and desires without fear of reaction.

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