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How to hint a man that you like him

Men are bold and energetic, and are timid, who can not make the first move. In this case, it is important to make clear to the guy that he is not indifferent to you.

Fate brought you is not long, and you're already crazy about him. Only here your intended admirer until nothing suspects. How did show a man that you like him?

Determine the ratio of men to you

Before the first to attack, to find out how a man treats you?

Come closer to the man (up to half) and evaluate its behavior. If a man does not pull away, does not go away and continues to behave as if nothing had happened - on the face of obvious sympathy.

Once you get to the man, his gestures vote. Look at how things have changed his posture. If he squared his shoulders, picked up the stomach, straightened his tie, pulled down his shirt, began to pull strap watches, mobile phone - in front of us - a subconscious gesture preening. Man wants to appear more attractive to you.

In conversation with you hand men should not be crossed and hidden behind his back. If he lays his thumbs in his pockets or belt - so he is intrigued and wants to take care of you.

Rate look male. Shifty eyes, sad and confused expression on his face, almost closed eyes say that man uncomfortable, he is not ready to contact and does not know how to get rid of you polite. Conversely, "undressing", a close look shows the highest interest.

Use non-verbal communication methods

Poses. Many girls, even with the apparent sympathy of close partner - cross their legs, keep your hands in your pockets, purse are covered. This is understandable - the man in front of you unfamiliar, and stress makes itself felt. But you just imagine how difficult to talk with a man who puts barriers. Subconsciously, we perceive that person as distrustful, aggressive or insecure. Therefore, no matter how difficult, wanting to win a man, give up the closed sign. Man must feel your positive.

Touches. Find excuses to touch the man casually. Pass the plate, accidentally hitting his hand accidentally touch his knee under the table, a little pat on the shoulder when you are together laughing at a good joke. There are also more explicit ways touch - for example, to correct any element of his clothing in the area above the breast.

Important! Similar touch should be light and short.

Preening gestures. Also do not forget about women's preening gestures - sensual reclining hair from the face, as amended hairstyles demonstration wrists, swinging her hips when walking.

Important! Hair, hands, nails, and clothes need to be spotless. Few people draw soft feline gait girl if her skirt was wrinkled and torn from sandals buckle.

Smiling eyes. In meetings with the man smile, even if you are very confused or you subconsciously want to hide their sympathy. Know the difference between a genuine smile stretched from? Sincere smile accompanied radiance eye. Try to smile and eyes. Porepetiruyte home. It's simple. And then the man will definitely feel coming from you positive energy.

Spying. Look at a man short-lived, but watchful eyes. Once he raises his eyes on you, just look away, embarrassed smile. Male psyche receives a signal to passion: "For me peep! Must find out what was wrong!"

Important! Do not get carried away with spying, not to look silly. In addition, persistent views man can take as aggressiveness or easy access. See gently and unobtrusively.

Compliment. More about this we wrote in the article "How to pay compliments to men." Gift addressed to the object of your adoration, to be realistic, specific and sincere. If your man - a shy person can direct compliments embarrass him. Therefore, giving compliments like the way: "You love it too?" "I appreciate people with a sense of taste," "Prompt, where you become so stylish glasses?".

We think you can easily find how else to praise your man. The main thing - do it skillfully and not overdo it. Otherwise a man may think that you mocked him.

Talk about it

To show their sympathy for the man, it is important to sincerely interested in all that is important to him. Ask a man to tell something about themselves. If he does not know where to start, tell you all about it interesting. Ask about favorite hobbies, friends, childhood, dreams that he wants to make a reality. Ask about all the positive, and then communication with you will associate it with a positive.

Rate wit

Man with any self-esteem - low, adequate or too high, it is important to be appreciated. A unfamiliar people seeking evaluation using humor and jokes. Sincerely laugh at those jokes that you like - it will give the man understand that you have marked his wit. Jokes that you were not to the liking, you can answer a polite smile.

Be confident and relaxed

To accomplish all of the above, important positive attitude and desire to get pleasure from communication. Be myself, do not worry about how you look, and do not play the role of someone else, or you get stuck in them. In addition, the person who plays the role, it seems unnatural to others, absurd and uncertain.

Speak directly

If any of all of the above does not work, tell his sympathy directly. This can be done in three ways:

Give your phone number, email address, address of the page on the social network. This option is suitable shy women. You can give a man his business card as if by accident, talking on professional issues or discussing common interests.

At the same time tell him: "You can call / write me and just because", "I loved you", "You are a great conversationalist." It is important to communicate this information without much emotion, that the man did not think that you drag it into your network. If you do it right, the man certainly call or write.

Write. Option suitable for shy women, and women whose heartthrob is far away. It is known that communication in social networks and forums does not involve eye contact, and therefore it will be easier to admit your liking man.

In addition, making the text-recognition can safely gather his thoughts, tune in and ponder every word. If words are not enough, you can always put a smiley cheerful, copy a poem or a beautiful quote. Also you can create a colorful flash card, decorate it with kind words, music and animation. You can even express your feelings in a foreign language if you are sure that you will understand the man.

Tell a personal meeting. Friendly atmosphere, the lack of witnesses and sincere smile will help you gain confidence in themselves. Start a conversation with a neutral theme and gradually go to the main point. Do not confuse the man florid talk, and just tell you that he loves / loved once and you would like to meet with him / try to build a relationship, if possible. Do not rush to answer it. Perhaps the man will be surprised by this turn of conversation and it will take time to think things through.

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