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How to teach, or to compel a man to make gifts

Someone is happy to make his lover or wife gifts - often expensive and tasteful. And someone has to literally beg for a modest bouquet of flowers.

What does it depend? How to force a man to be generous and attentive?

The reasons for which a man does not give gifts

First of all, let's understand why a man does not like or can not make gifts.

Reason 1: you do not know what you want, or do not know how to formulate a wish

Most often such a situation arises, if your man - a practical man, does not consider it necessary to spend money on gadgets that will gather dust on a shelf or do not bring real benefit. To avoid wasting, he asks you a question: "Honey, what do you give?" You, in turn, hesitate to call or what you would like to receive as a gift, or a shrug: "I do not know."

And then there are two options for the development of the situation. If your man is sure that you will need some specific and useful thing - a pan, gloves (because you lost your) shelf in the bathroom, etc., he buys. And if he thinks that there are no special needs you have not, then it calms down and draws the conclusion that you do not need.

Bottom line: you either get what hardly be proud to call themselves "the beloved gift", if any, are left without a present.

What to do? Articulate your desires clearly and specifically, in this case, of course, from a practical point of view. And smart woman knows that even a diamond ring and a new car can be presented as the most urgent need.

Reason 2: you take for granted

Often the woman herself, "beats" the man any desire to give her gifts. Either she is dissatisfied with any offering or indifferent looks at the gift and pretends to condescend to accept it.

But the man was trying so hard to bring you joy! He came up with a gift, searching for it, spending it hard earned money and looking forward to how you deploy the package, your eyes light up pleasure and love ... You're just forcing everyone loved to experience disappointment.

By the way, often behave like ladies who from childhood were taught that women should (it should be!) And condescending indifference to accept compliments and gifts. Like, I know his worth, so be happy that I can praise and bestow.

The result: very few people nice repeatedly faced with indifference and ingratitude, so at some point the man simply ceases to make an attempt to call you in response to your offerings. And you suddenly left without a gift, you fall into confusion and resentment. You have become accustomed to you "with all my heart", and then a sudden turn.

What to do? To be able to rejoice in the fact that you are given, even if it's just a soft toy or a bouquet of tulips. "Play" the person expresses sincere gratitude, thank heartily. People are mostly just love when they are able to bring someone pleasure, so they feel the importance and peculiar power over others. This means that the "flow" of gifts will never run dry.

Reason 3: a man never gets gifts from you

If your loved one does not make you gifts or limited formal occasions such as birthdays and 8 March, remember when you are spoiled him with their gifts. "The game with only one goal" bored very quickly, so do not receive a reply offerings, man can draw the conclusion that you do not appreciate it as much as he is you.

Of course, there are individuals for whom it is important to present a gift, but do not get it. However, experience shows that they are in the minority. Even the most generous sometimes you have to feel that their emotional and physical impulses do not remain without a response.

Bottom line: do not get a return, a man "blows", it becomes interesting to pamper you.

What to do? Do not forget that the nature of the relationship is preferred harmony. Learn to please her man, not only on some calendar holidays, but also in daily life, then it is more likely to give you gifts. Even a small surprise can cause a great response.

Reason 4: pathological greed

This is the diagnosis and struggle with it almost unreal. If a man believes every penny spent on you, it is right or wrong will "take time off" from buying gifts. However, here too there is one way out, often - the only one.

What to do? Transfer the purchase of gifts in the plane of "household needs", and for the money saved, buy yourself what you want. For example, you have some amount that you can spend either on new shoes, or on a bottle of perfume. Perfume "greed" you are unlikely to buy, but you can not walk off, so he will have to fork out. Lead him into the shoe, and the next day with a calm conscience get the coveted vial. To the question "Where?" you can always lie: gave at work (the girlfriend gave, because it did not fit flavor, etc.), just do not forget to warn those to whom you refer.

We learned in these situations, the one that is consonant with yours? Draw conclusions and correct their own behavior. And if it's not about you, then read on.

"The best present for me - it's you"

Men are vain and proud, so they are more willing to make gifts, when they realize that they or their women envy. Tell us how your employee react when you show them the earrings (scarf, ring, cell phone, handbag, etc.) presented to your lover.

Do not regret colors, describing "moans and sighs" and replicas: "What is it you have a wonderful, generous, caring." And if you add to this that he appreciated the gift and men ("I must buy her the same"), then make sure your loved one that he - the best. And most importantly, do not forget to specify that you have received from the fate of the most amazing gift - himself.

"By hook or by crook"

There are practical men who prefer to know exactly what a woman wants, and there are - suspicious. In the second category should not be overly assertive and outspoken. If you begin to articulate what you want and what you expect from her lover, he can easily decide what you extort money from him and gifts. With these individuals better to use strategic cunning.

A joint trip to the jewelry store will be treated this man as a "guide to action", that is, as a veiled, but still "order", and the result will be the opposite. Therefore, use the Internet. Who are many sites that offer a huge range of everything, starting with the tires and vacuum cleaners and finishing with vintage ornaments.

Suggest a man together, "roam" on this virtual store, start with the sections that are of interest primarily to your lover, and then go to where the "stored" thing that you would like to receive as a gift. Increase, treat, but did not ask. Just demonstrate your interest. If your man a little smarter mouse pads, you will see that you like and make the appropriate conclusions.

"The water wears away the stone"

Another category of men - unsophisticated web browsers. They do not understand hints, they can be any number of your favorite show you a thing, and they remain "on the wave" and do not attach importance to your words and live demonstrations of interest. Here it is necessary to recall the method of Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, more precisely, his dog and reflexes. If you frequently perform the same action and reinforce its promotion, it soon gets used to any creature and begins to react as it should.

Do you want to receive a gift of a fur coat? Then periodically (but not every day) when the favorite gives you a coat or a jacket, you say coat weighs much less. Then kiss her man, thanks for the care and transfer the conversation to another topic.

Do you want to change the service? Then the man poured soup, regularly mentions that the plate of green (yellow, orange) color of this soup would look spectacular. And again, for anything praise and thank her lover.

These simple tricks will help you to draw the attention of men to do what you want, and locking "encouraging" are firmly connected in the subconscious of the person you desired item with pleasant moments that you are giving him.

And finally, let me remind you - everything is good in moderation. The main thing - do not overdo it, and then your desires will arouse your man need to meet them, not attack irritation.


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