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How to celebrate March 8: some pleasant scenarios

"How to celebrate 8 Martha?" - You think. We also asked the question on the eve of spring and so we decided to tell you about our plans. Offer 3 8 scenario celebration in March - the most common variants in pleasant designs.

How to celebrate with your loved March 8

Of course, if you have a significant other, you should hold 8 March with him. Let him look after you during the day, but some things are worth taking in their hands. For example, just do not expect gifts from him, and pamper myself and loved. Prepare something tasty, striptease station and spend half a day in bed - not just all the output per day 8 March. And if you want something special - Climb to the roof and drink wine there, romantic dance station, if the weather allows, and the mood is great!

We have identified the following main activities on 8 Martha favorite: romantic breakfast-lunch-dinner, great sex, as the sea of ​​surprises with him, and with you, interesting adventure (it can be like a trip to another city, and hilarious quest the city). The main thing in this day - just hold it together nicely, without excessive expectations.

How to celebrate March 8 girlfriend

For those who have yet to the second half, a great option for a day companion - a girlfriend. After all, she knows everything about you, and once 8 March - a day of solidarity of women with whom they do not have solidarity with my girlfriend? Arrange a incredible adventure. Put the most chic dresses and go to the theater or the cinema, go eat after the delicious desserts at the cafe and go to a party in search of krasavchikov to the next day March 8 meet already in the arms of a loved muzhchiny.Kak celebrate 8 March alone

And maybe you 8 March indifferent, and the only redeeming feature of this holiday - a day off? Then this is a great reason to turn off the phone and go to distant lands! Especially in front of you waiting for the whole three day weekend! Buy a ticket in advance and go in search of adventure, maybe that is where you can relax and enjoy the solitude full silu.Kak celebrate 8 Martha? Yes it does not matter, the main thing - to feast in the shower was always, not just on a specific day of the calendar.


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