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How to excite a man - 40 proven ways

With an almost all men are brave and skillful in bed. But when it comes down to women often have to take the initiative in their hands ...

Explain what they want in bed, they also can not, and perhaps do not even know. But they are confident that you just should know and be able to.

Therefore, you should definitely learn how to excite a man. Primarily for this it is necessary to clarify the erogenous zones.

How to excite a man using erogenous zones:

How to excite a man with a kiss?

Head - here are the most sensitive lips and tongue. So always start with kissing love games. Also very sensitive earlobes and ears. When you kiss and nibble his earlobe, you can whisper something in your ear caressing, fondling your effect immediately increase several times. Run your hands through his hair and gently iterate on his head, he will be happy as a cat, whom the mistress strokes.

How to excite a man stroking?

Neck - the skin in this area is very sensitive to kissing, stroking and touching. Just do not touch the man claws such touching can cause tickling. Stroking his fingertips or palm. Remember that touch should not cause tickling attack, so that the movements should be strong enough.

How to excite a man caresses?

Chest - stroking the male breast is turned on by itself. Men's nipples are not as sensitive as women, but do not forget about them. Pat their language, hand. If the nipples harden, then your affection were not in vain.

How to excite a man nails?

Buttocks and back - slide your fingernail along the spine, men love it. But the most pleasant land is situated on the back between the shoulder blades. You can do whatever you want - kiss, nibble, lick. On the men's buttocks should not particularly bill and coo - you can lightly clap or pinching them. It is very invigorating and tones. The man will be delighted if you squeeze his stomach to his waist and buttocks.

How to excite a man kisses a stomach?

Belly - it though unremarkable in a sexual context of the body, but pats belly downward perfectly enhance arousal. Also very sensitive navel, kissing him you sharpen feeling male.

How to excite a man with the help of massage?

Private parts - the penis and scrotum, of course, the most sensitive areas. Simultaneously soft and insistent massage these areas causes rapid erection. One of the most enjoyable ways of excitation - stroking the penis with sliding the foreskin.

How to excite a man at home

In order to really excite a man need a little imagination and emancipation.

  • When he returns home from work, whisper in his ear some vulgar sexual phrase, tell me what you have long been waiting for it, and you do not have panties.
  • Call or write to him the man that he was returning home soon, because you lie and wait for him naked in bed.
  • Infiltrate hand in his pants while he was watching TV, and then kiss him.
  • Put to bed high-heeled shoes.

How to excite a man in the shower

  • Gathered in the shower beckoned him to follow. Gently touching his body, soap and ask him to do the same with you.
  • Engage in oral sex in the shower. Do not rush to get pleasure.
  • Talk to him and try to find out the secret desires.

How to excite a man outside the home

  • Put the cloak on a naked body and ask you to take the city, and have sex in the backseat of the car.
  • At the party, came up to him, lick the tip of his tongue ear and whisper some obscene phrase.
  • Being away, dragged him to a secluded place, take his hand and press between your legs.
  • Ask him to go to a dinner party or a date, not wearing panties under pants.
  • Show your intimate photo or video.
  • Tell a man about his erotic fantasies or dreams.

How to excite a man at a distance

  • Being away from home, send a man love sms, describing it what you would like to do with him.
  • Think of the most obscene and sexual idea and propose to implement it.
  • And finally, tell me how you like it.

Things that excite men

  • Sexy clothes
  • Underwear
  • Soundtrack
  • The right words
  • Aromas of sage, sanadala, ylang-ylang
  • Ill nature
  • Rich inner world
  • Skirts to the floor
  • When women hugging each other
  • Outlines pant noticeable under clothing
  • Girls dressed in men's clothing
  • Untrained women's bellies
  • The smell of female sweat
  • White patches on tanned body
  • Waitresses
  • TV announcer
  • Leopard skin

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