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Love at a distance. Tempers whether separation relationship?

What are most afraid of everything, without exception, love? Separation! Someone because of the fear of betrayal, someone's habit to be always and everywhere together, while others simply can not imagine a minute without a loved one. But where separation is a dangerous test for love, there it may be a good test and feelings.

What if your life circumstances throw surprises and force even the most loving, most tied to each other pair be inspected separation.

When the separation destroys?

Light feeling of flying butterflies in the stomach, especially in the hot youth becomes merely a synonym for full attachment and dependence on each other. Certainly in the life of each of us was like that when parting only at night were like death. And if the upcoming trip for the summer to stay with relatives in Saratov, or in the wilderness, in the village, we were ready to walk the train, run for a bus, if only to be near ...

For those who are used to spend every day together, wake up, breakfast, dinner, meet friends and walk the dog together, the long separation can be a real tragedy. Someone just not able to sleep well alone, one can not solve everyday problems without the support of a close ...

Well, when the temporary separation turns into a long and tiring relationship on the phone, the increasing chasm is hard to keep from sprawl. Circumstances are not allowed to meet, phone calls are becoming less frequent, and the relationship naturally goes to nothing ... At first you do not find yourself a place of longing. Despondency and depression overcome from all sides. Then, to somehow pull yourself out of this state, you start to look for a way out, you want to have fun. Over time, gradually getting used to. Well, then you do not care and you are looking for a substitute, who could fill your heart. That's why lovers are so afraid of separation. And yet there are positive moments in separation. "What?" - you are surprised.

Pluses separation

There is a connection

Today, gone are the days of terrible Siberian links when political infighting cruel hearts were separated lovers, and they did not even know anything about each other. Just hoping and waiting for. Today, it seems that all the technological advances has risen in defense of separation. Internet copes with the mission entrusted to him - to heat and maintain the love from a distance. Yes, and you can order your favorite flowers every day if you are in another city or even country.

There are term

If separation is a time frame (week, month, year), and not dangling in the air time, which was postponed each time, then love can pass the entire period of separation, counting the days before the meeting. What can be better anticipation, especially when very bored. "Darling, left the meeting prior to ten days," - perhaps the most coveted words.

There is a time

How many unnecessary words breaks down in a rush of emotions during an argument. How often we do not appreciate people who are next to us. And then quickly forget all the bad things when we are separated from them. Separated only have time to forgotten poor. Time for something to think about and understand how dear to you this man.

The joy of meeting

When you can fall in love with his long beloved soul mate? Each new meeting after separation - though again experienced first date. And what can we talk about sex!

There is a time for yourself

Alone due to separation there is a big plus - it's a lot of free time that you can devote yourself. Instead of the free evening and suffer bitterly shed tears of anguish on the shoulder of her friends at a nearby bar, it is better to do more useful things. For example, read books, watch movies, learn something new, see a cosmetician enroll in the pool or go for a yoga class, in short, to cultivate, to do what had long dreamed of, but not enough time. It will be useful, and beloved rate.

There is a time for rest

For people living together for many years of separation, at times, the only salvation relationship. At least once a year to break the tradition and go to rest with a friend, not with her husband. To get aroused, to feel attractive, to gossip in plenty, maybe even to have a resort romance (without burdensome consequences against the background of easy flirting), irresponsibly turning a head to some foreigner. And turning off the brain, and looking around, who knows, maybe you will see again or find what has long been lost in your loved one. And missing the beloved, with a completely different mood and knowledge will return home.

Big seen from a distance

For example, before you even did not know how it can be romantic, and now every day get a bouquet of flowers with a note from him, though he is thousands of miles away from you. You thought he was not decisive enough, and now see how hard he goes to his goal, wants to make more money as quickly as possible and carry you along in another city. Of course, some people can open and on the other side. But then, and need separation, as a litmus test to show all previously unknown, but is important to check the strength of intentions and feelings in the distance.

Statistics about the usefulness of separations

Of course, separation - this is not a universal antibiotic treatment relationship, but often the only true.

By the way, according to statistics, today almost every tenth American couple prefers to sleep in separate rooms. However, that there are Americans. The famous singer Leonid Agutin in numerous interviews has repeatedly admitted that he and his wife Angelica Varum are sleeping in different rooms. Like, they have excellent temperature regimes: Leonid loves the cold, and Angelica prefers warmth. "For example, I hardly withstand the temperature regime in Lenin. I sleep in a warm bedroom, and Lenya even opens the window in winter, he likes the cold, "Varum once said. "I go to see my wife at night on dates - see what an interesting life we ​​have," Agutin echoed to his wife.

However, another star couple eccentric Helena Bonham Carter and her husband, the famous director Tim Burton went further! They generally live in neighboring houses precisely because they want to strengthen their relations. "We are called a crazy couple who dug underground tunnels between houses, saying that our children live with another family at the end of the street. We have only two adjacent houses, united by one door, since my was too small for the whole family. We spend as much time together as any normal couple, and the fact that we have personal space only improves our relations, "Helen admitted in an interview. And she added: "We see each other when we want, and not because we have to ... If someone wants to watch football, he does it without disturbing me. And I watch my girlish TV, as Tim calls it. " It sounds quite reasonable.

It is a pity that the statistics do not measure at the level of their happiness. But everyone has their own recipe because a happy family life.

The story A.Kuprin "Olesya" there are appropriate subject line that wants to bring a logical outcome - "Separation for love is the same as wind is to fire: it extinguishes the small love and big blows even harder."


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