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Men and sex: Do they imitate orgasm as they call us and other men's secrets

We know that women simulate sexual pleasure and orgasm. But it turned out that many men pretend. American sexologists conducted a survey among students 280 and concluded that 28% men imitate orgasm during sex. However, among those women 68%.

The reason in both sexes is the same: the inability to relax and fully enjoy the intimate caresses. Tend to blame the partner who makes excessive demands.

3 weeks - maximum!

Questioning German men showed that they can do without sex maximum 3 week. Women in this respect is much tougher - they may refrain to 2 months. And the duration of sexual abstinence is largely dependent on age. Thus, in the years 20 refuse sex hardest and 30 40 years and - easier. And if at a young age for men principal amount, and not the quality of sex, the older he gets, the more attention he pays to the process.

"Sale" love

There is no second half? In China, you would be helped to cope with this problem at least temporarily. The most popular on-line store in China offers to take a boyfriend ... for hire. Portal Taobao leases one of 300 young people for a day for 50 dollars. For this price the guy will walk with the girl by the handle, hug and smile. Some services have a separate price list. So, a joint romantic dinner (you pay for it, of course, you) will cost 5 dollars per hour, a kiss on the cheek - 8 dollars. If the rented boyfriend should spend, for example, the New Year with the girl's family, he will have to pay him 80 dollars, and at the same time he will spend the night in a separate bed. There are no intimate services in the list.

Cure for jealousy

Feel that just about sunset favorite scene of jealousy? Slowly count to ten and go for chocolate, blueberries or almonds - these products help to cope with stress. And only after that start the conversation with your loved ones - all the questions can be solved if you talk openly, honestly and loving.

Fish, Honey, Baby ...

We women love with their ears. However, by the way calls us a favorite, you can learn what to expect from him in the future.

* Kitty, Kitty. The man has a soft nature, and it is good for the relationship. He is romantic, so that his girl can expect regular, albeit small, surprises and romance.

* Fish. Such a man is changeable, and keep it about the girl herself will cost a great effort. In relationships like men respected the silence and tranquility.

* Gold. Such a man often subconsciously seeks to benefit from the relationship with you.

* Sun. He is convinced that you at any time of day and always looks flawlessly attractive.

* Bun, Yum and other foods. For such men especially important aspect of consumer relations. They believe that the most important woman in domesticity. It makes sense to think about, perhaps he simply needed a good housekeeper?

* Baby, Baby. For this man in the first place sex.
You're not!

Your friend often mentions former girlfriend who dumped him. It does not allow you into their inner world, does not want to approach. So he set to be deceived. What to do? Suitable expectant management. Do not just build a relationship with him. Wait, let you get used to, it is better to know. Realize that you "do not like that." Let him make the first move to meet you.


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