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Men from whom should stay away

Women often complain that they are faced with the same type of men: either brings them to life in the clouds dreamer or a hypochondriac or a pathological cheapskate. We decided to present you several types of men, who definitely should not start a serious relationship.

Indifferent miser

To attract his attention is useless. He is immersed in his affairs and does not notice anything around. And if he looks in your direction, he will not see a new hairstyle or a new dress. Most likely you had a relationship with a greedy man. Greed destroys all relationships, lowers a woman's self-esteem and destroys respect for a man. If a man is tight-fisted, he can not hide it. In this case, the conversation is not about the amounts that are needed to ensure life. For example, a trip on a trolley, for which the woman paid herself, although she was in the company of the chosen one, is often a signal that the greedy person is before her.


Such instances can see in every woman mother. Their destiny - entertainment. Yes, next to the infantile man would not be bored, but life - is not only fun. Sometimes there are situations that require a serious approach and sober look. From these men and this should not wait, they are simply not able to cope with difficult situations, because we believe that this should be done Mom.


The appearance of men who are not worth wasting their time trying to engage in a serious relationship with them is a man-flirt, or a lover of non-binding flirting. With the data of the stronger sex, it is easy to get into a mess. With their pressure and the ability to please women, they can easily get women to take what they want for real. Stumbling upon such, it is worth remembering one thing you have with him different goals. The woman is ready to give him the best years of life, arrange a cozy house for him, give birth to his children, live with him long and happily for the rest of his days, man wants only to get the attention of a woman, to powder her with a fairy tale about "us." End it all very banal, waking up one day after another night of love, you'll wait for coffee to go to bed, but get only silence and emptiness in your apartment.


Clear - this is an extreme form of misogyny. They expressed loudly and clearly demonstrate their negative attitudes towards women. Stinkers! They are boring, and with them the few deals.

But hidden (secret) misogynistic more dangerous. On view are the same men as usual. They skillfully camouflage is its quality. But inside their seething hatred of all things female. And they surreptitiously, and in extreme situations - in the open, showing his misogyny that may befall you the most impartial way and ruin your life.


Concerned about their health. They are always worried about something. Hypochondria is a medical term, meaning an exaggerated and unreasonable concern for one's health. Hypochondria is much more common in men than in women, which means that you certainly have a chance to meet this kind of homo sapiens on life. Having entered with a hypochondriacal man into a conversation, you will find that he prefers to talk about topics related to health, physical education and sports, useful and harmful habits. About useful it is necessary to talk separately. Ask your boyfriend about his way of life and be sure to hear about daily exercise, morning jogging, dousing with cold water, swimming in the ice hole, practicing hatha yoga and breathing exercises, health-improving diets and separate meals, acupressure and vitamin supplements for food, alcohol refusal and moderation in sexual life. This is his way of life and nothing can be done about it. The most stubborn hypochondriac will also try to involve you in all this.


The main characteristic of, you guessed it - morbid timidity. Calculated easily, as shown in all form part of the individual. More specifically, in the non-verbal signs, in statements, in some specific actions and behavior in general.

Non-verbal signs: Moves slowly, carefully, constantly looks around before sitting down, carefully examines the chair (and suddenly whoever puts the button), before pouring beer, inspects the glass (and suddenly the dust or someone from it has already drunk) before eat a steak, inspects the fork and steak itself, the fork is wiped with a napkin (and suddenly the microbes), the beefsteak thoroughly grinds and inspects for foreign bodies and foreign impurities. With loud sounds, he shudders or pulls his head into his shoulders, as if afraid that now he will be warmed on the back of his head. Every now and then he looks around, does not like to sit with his back to the door. Another option - differs fussiness and haste of movements, which is very similar to a hypochondriac. Strictly speaking, pathological cowardice is also a variant of neuroticism.


There are two types of male gigolo. The first - the most dangerous - a professional gigolo, in fact is a kind of high-class rogue, who deals with the wearing of wealthy women. The general scenario is something like this: he chooses a victim from among financially secure, but with unsettled private life of women (he chooses unmistakably - then he is a professional). Next - a beautiful courtship, a stormy passionate novel in the midst of which the lover disappears, taking with him a round sum of money or a pound of gold ornaments, or a collection of old coins your daddy spent half his life collecting, or a new car that you foolishly wrote to him general power of attorney.

The second option - a simple and primitive - is banal freeloader and dependent. This man strikes up a relationship with a view to subsequently sit on your neck and exist comfortably at your expense.


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