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Monogamous. Woman for life

Many experts and doctors say that any man of polygamy by its nature and essence. This means that absolutely can not be faithful to one woman, or always be in love with one representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

But still there are such representatives of the stronger sex who all their lives keep love and fidelity to one woman. That is reflected in the Soviet cinema. Now a few will remember the wonderful film "I Love Another, I Still Hope", in which the main role was played by the brilliant Evgeni Evstigneev. His hero all his life was in love with one woman, but she married another. And he never married and spent his whole life alone. No, he came to the house to his love and even made friends with her husband. But still in this situation there was something abnormal. Because the man himself tortured himself in moral and psychological plans. But he could not marry another, because he always loved one woman.

However, most men live by the principle that "in a relationship with a woman the most important thing - it's not forget that in the world there are many other women." But exceptions occur.

One of my friend since kindergarten loved a girl who was with him in the same group. Then they went to school and got into one class, and then studied in the same department of the institute.

But you can not say that the situation when a man loves life the same woman, no advantages. They are, and quite impressive.

Plus the first. If a man is tied to one woman, it speaks of its permanence. A constancy of family life very much. With such a man, relatively speaking, and "in exploration can go."

Plus a second. When a man loves the same woman all his life and marries her, his second half can be calm for the family hearth. Because such representatives of the stronger sex are very loyal, good and exemplary spouses. Such a man can be left alone for at least two weeks, even for a month and know that he will not have any mistress. This is the quality of the representatives of the stronger sex and appreciate many women. That's why they often marry a man, although not a beloved, but reliable and, most importantly, a loving. In such a marriage, the spouses have every chance to celebrate the golden wedding.

Plus a third. If a man all his life in love with a woman, then, if they were married, the fair sex can feel completely at ease and do not smarten up on occasion and without. After it, and so will love. And it is very important for happiness in his personal life.

If we talk about the cons, they are likely to be outs for most men.

Minus the first. It happens that a man loves a woman all my life, and she said to him quite indifferent. And here begins a tragedy for both. Man suffers, the woman is not very convenient, so that it includes, but it is cold as ice.

Minus the second. Sometimes it happens that a man in love takes his chosen starve. And she's out of pity or a sense of duty to marry him. But as a rule, such marriages do not end anything good. If a woman marrying someone who loves her passionately, met a man, fell in love, the probability of divorce and further suffering.

Overall, just a great man when life loves only one woman. Only then should be one amendment - the need to at this lovely woman was adored wife. Because in any other case, the love of boys face big trouble.

Therefore, if the beloved woman refers to male indifference, or worse, married another, probably better to try to delete it from your heart. Because this love does not bring happiness - because the woman had chosen another. A live and suffer for the rest of life - it's not right.

Of course, there is a kind of male masochists who like to suffer morally, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Therefore, no matter what, even Monogamous to think about their marital happiness.

Not to be left with nothing - no wife, children, and not die alone ...

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