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Condoms do not reduce sensitivity during sex

Scientists refute the widespread notion that in a condom, it's like that in a gas mask. The journal Journal of Sexual Medicine released a report that proves that sex with a condom does not diminish the thrill.

During the study, Americans were interviewed 18-59 years. Experts studied the use of lubricants and condoms and the connection of this fact with satisfaction from sex. Interviewed men and women constantly rated sex as "fun and extremely exciting", despite the condom or lubrication. In particular, these factors did not affect the quality of erection. Moreover, twice as many women could not determine whether the condom was smeared (26,6% vs. 11,4%) or what material it was made of (23,6% vs. 8,9%). Most likely, this is due to the fact that men often bought condoms, and women in them were poorly understood.

Yes, ignorance may discourage people from condoms and unwillingness to reduce their own pleasure. Meanwhile, they remain the primary way to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. And, for example, in the United States, rates of HIV, unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases by extremely high.


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