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Sex is not a substitute gym

Myth about sex as a way of losing weight, refuted. Scientist David Allison of the University of Alabama counted calories lose lovers during intimacy. Contrary to long-held belief, was not so much.

Previously it was thought that this figure surpasses 300 calories that supposedly eliminates the gym. Version also Ellison, a person burns during sex about 21 calorie per minute. And when you consider that the average intercourse lasts healthy partners 6 minutes, the loss will be only 126 calories, which is equivalent to walking the walk. Therefore, even a regular sex life does not protect against excessive weight.

Continue search legends about healthy lifestyles David Ellison found that physical education classes at school is futile, for taking too much time to stimulate fat burning. Another fly in the ointment was the habit of the students to abandon the breakfast, which is the most important meal.

All this together can be considered a call-to-obesity factors. The expert also spoke about the inflated goals people started complicated way to a slimmer body. Previously, doctors argued that ambitious goals sooner or later lead to the disruption and even more weight gain.

Mr. Ellison defends pursuit of slimming: many need strap on the brink of human capabilities. Only in this case, the person understands the nature of the goals, and usually takes off even more pounds than originally planned.


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