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Sexy appearance: how to attract attention

It is known that meet on clothes, and no matter how touted inner world, in order to cause the opposite sex initial interest, need the picture. Matter how sexy your appearance, largely depends on the mood and success in your personal life. How very different our notions of attractiveness, from what actually like men? That "catchy", and how to make an impression? As we understand the intricacies of sexual seduction with a psychologist center "Happy Family" Natalia Panfilova.

External contact person for quite a few seconds: estimated concluded and decided - to continue the acquaintance or forget forever. Facial expressions, gestures, mannerisms, speech and its contents are evaluated after.

Criteria foreign sexuality as a product of social life is always tied to the era - that society accepted or not accepted. Puritan tradition shifted toward sexuality classics, sexual revolution make blatant fashion. Difficult to maintain the image of girls strict rules when on the streets and screens - girls in sexy clothes. Especially unclear which of these extremes should be considered as a benchmark.

All these circumstances, of course, affect not only the female choice, but on the male idea that excites and what is not. In today's world with the trends of the health care and the desire to form a shape (fitness and plastic surgery here working on the same goal) desire to open the body is not considered odd, though, and may violate decency.

However, regardless of the accepted norms of morality social nature of human sexuality requires accurate appearance, neatness and cleanliness: body, clothes, hair, shoes. Sloppy appearance demonstrates indifference to their sexual status.

Secondly, we pass sexual desires at the expense of clothes. Sexy clothing opens a "view" for the man to different parts of the body - so we give a signal, which is worth paying attention to. But it is also important that we ourselves can understand what attention we want. A frivolous outfit on a date can be misinterpreted by a man who is attuned to a deep relationship, but if you are drawn to an ultra-mini, it may be that you now need ease and flirtation without commitment. On the other hand, the modesty's type will not produce an effect on the macho, winking at the bar counter. It is important to understand who and what impression you want to make, what type to attract, because for different purposes different "equipment" is suitable.

Comment psychologist: "For the resolute action on seduction particular man needs to know what his education as a whole is arranged his personality. Without this it is impossible to say how it treats the woman sexual or asexual.

If we want an easy, quick sex, flirting, that the man noticed devouring eyes, came to meet you, then surely our weapons: frank bright outfit, deep neckline, short skirt - everything that catches your eye. Man necessarily react to it, notice that the woman wants to stand out, to attract sexual attention it. And she would certainly receive a frank views and compliments. Men will strongly demonstrate that they noticed her as a sex object. "

Another option, when used in sexy clothes based on the continuation of serious dating. There are different variants of the fatal dress code. Psychologists, stylists and designers agree on one thing: the right sexuality - is focused on one thing.

Comment psychologist: "What is an overloaded sexual image? All attributes of sexuality in one set - combat "coloring", mini, boots, stockings in the mesh. This congestion creates an impression of an accessibility for a man, because by using all means a woman tries to take the largest possible audience and like many. Someone will react to the brightly colored lips, the other to the outlandish mini, the third to the deep decollete. Searching for a huge audience means that the woman is in some ways careless, that is ready for almost any contact. If you focus on one thing - it's a sign that you have limitations. "

Thus, emphasizing the image of one thing, a woman narrows audience of potential fans before the contingent that is ready to consider its desire to compromise and agreement.

Feminine romance or boyish insolence

Often, when we talk about what can be worthy of the title "the most sexy clothes", the choice has to be made between a sporty style or romantic feminine dresses.

Unofficial assistant seducing considered competently made dress or a skirt that are well-fitting shape, hiding flaws. The right combination of colors (no more than three in the kit), soft to the touch, natural fabrics, which always look expensive, enhance the effect of the first impression.

Comment psychologist: "We note that the star at public events and the red carpet is not defile in trousers or jeans. Their choice - dress, often classical canons, which can be quite frank due neckline, length, "the floor", with or without a cut. In general, all that seemed to lure the man, and a mysterious woman makes, but in the classical sense is not entirely inaccessible. "

Jeans for many years remained the embodiment of sexuality due to its image of "hippie clothes" - freedom-loving social stratum. Today, the "sexual" trendy hit list quite a few items.

Comment psychologist: "Sexy jeans look more young women. Exceptions are those who managed to maintain an ideal body shape and choose the right, this seemingly universal outfit. "

Alternative acts jeans trouser suit, which emphasizes good shape.

Comment psychologist: "Middle-aged woman in jeans or other exaggerated youth clothing (eg, acid-pink top with bare belly) male peers perceived as attempts to stop the demonstration of age. As for the men in this group is characterized by a desire to look young, too, is their most annoying.

Oddly enough, men like it when a woman is aging with dignity. It's not plastic surgery, but it is important that it is not conspicuous: there was no explicit fish lips or braces, making a face like a mask. "

For men or sporty clothes, he can repel men because reminds them of their own selves. But if we talk about personal preferences, the style should match most of your inner sense of self, as external funds should emphasize sexual identity, rather than suppress it.


Emphasizing such details in makeup, we also provide the signs. For example, densely painted eyelashes or eye style smoky ice - bright appeal to familiarity, regardless of time of day. Red lips mean offer, an invitation to a kiss.

Comment psychologist: "In my practice, I often meet men who believe that if a woman has never painted, she does not like to kiss and have sex. Nenakrashennaya woman can cause trembling and feelings, as well appointed simplicity is the desire to take care of a woman, as a little girl. "


Selection of footwear is important if only because that female leg - in itself a sexual fetish. In high heels, stilettos, open or with a narrow spout it attractive to the male gaze. High-heeled shoes lengthen the legs. Heels visually reduce the size of the foot and gait change, making it more sexy, graceful: a woman is physically unable to move quickly, which means that a man can see it well.

In general, if a woman wants to look sexy, she needs to know a lot not only about the features of shape, but also their preferences in men and the needs of the soul. Need to adequately assess their natural settings and have a healthy self-esteem. Confidence, harmonious state of mind and friendly attitude towards others men - the three pillars of healthy sexual attraction.

Author: Pauline Tabagari
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