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Sexual paradise to reach the age of 30 45 years to

Journalist Philip Martin wrote on the pages of the German edition of Focus, that men aged 30 45 years to live literally in a sexual paradise. Anyway, that's what sociologists say.

Until 25-age women, love, sex - is "insatiable need", but for most regular sex - something that tells only in movies and men's magazines, the author writes. Girls - a limitless range of potential sexual partners, but the one already have a serious relationship, the other is too busy, the third is too cold, or too good, or fun-loving, or too smart - in short, they have little interest in peers. But at a certain age men no longer feel a lack of attention on the part of women, the author claims.

But the fair sex is the opposite. If before they could choose almost from an unlimited number of sexual partners, then among educated women older than 30 years, the choice among men is getting smaller and smaller every day. There is a so-called "marriage contraction": when women after 30 years have a desire to connect themselves with someone in the long term, create a family and have children, they realize with horror that they can not choose from the huge mass of men that was in their university years. And since the chances of finding a future spouse in their environment are extremely small, they often find themselves alone, the author asserts.

"Why the hell, none of the guys are not ready for a serious relationship with me?" - Crying on my shoulder Julia, says the author of the article. She wipes her tears with toilet paper, smearing makeup. "My biological clock is ticking, now that I'm most looking for a life partner, no one wants.'s Unfair!".

"In a world more fair," - Philip Martins comforted her. "For me, it was desirable for many years - he says. - But it's all right."

Source: Inopressa.Ru

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