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Casual sex can cause depression

As we found out scientists in result of recent research, casual sex can cause depression and even make you think about suicide.

The researchers interviewed about 10 thousand people and found that adolescents with symptoms of depression are more prone to casual sex. These same people are more prone to suicide and, later in their lives, they often think seriously about how to commit suicide, the study said.

Dr. Sara Sandberg, Tom from Ohio State University, lead author of the new study, said: "Some studies have shown that there is a direct link between poor mental health and casual sex, but the nature of this relationship is not yet clear. Always remained a question that is cause and effect. Our research shows that poor mental health can lead to casual sex, but also casual sex leads to a further reduction in mental health. "

Young people from 80 52 American higher and secondary schools were interviewed at age 7-12 years, and then again when they were 18-26 years. They were asked questions about relationships, depression and thoughts of suicide. 29% said they had casual sex experience. 33% of them were male and representatives 24% - female.

Link between casual sex and mental health exists in both men and women, the researchers said.

Dr. Claire Kamp Dash, professor of human sciences at Ohio State University, said: "This was unexpected, because in society to assume that men are supporters of casual sexual relationships. However, these results suggest that poor mental health and related casual sex regardless on whether you are male or female. "

Researchers found that every casual sex increases the chances of suicidal thoughts on 18%.

"We need to keep track of multiple indicators of mental health, including suicidal thoughts. Our goal is to identify adolescents who are struggling with mental health problems, so we can intervene early, before they enter into casual sexual relations," - said Tom Sandberg- .

Earlier there were reports that casual sex negatively affects the psyche. As found by researchers from the University of California, level of depression, generalized anxiety, social phobia among young people, regardless of their gender, recently had sexual contact with a partner with whom before they had known less than a week significantly increased.

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