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SMS correspondence: how men and women react?

It tells The Salt Lake Tribune, if a woman is too often writes to his young man, he might think that his attempt to "strangle" relations. Women are thus perceive this fact as an indicator of stability, and they just want to have more connection with your partner.

If a man is too often writes, it is a sign that he is unhappy in the relationship, according to a study by Brigham Young University. Within two years, scientists have studied this issue, 276 interviewing people who were in a relationship. Of the total number of volunteers 38% were in a serious relationship, 46% were engaged and 16% - married. 82% of respondents wrote their partners several times a day.

Experts analyzed the frequency and content of correspondence and relationship satisfaction, stability and affection for your partner. The conclusion is that women tend to be seen as those who are committed to the relationship, and men - as those who want to step back. A frequent correspondence able to actually harm relations.

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