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Top - 7 causes of female infidelity

Reasons for female infidelity can be very diverse. What motivates a woman to commit adultery?

If you believe the statistics, once changed her husband from 21 50% to women. It is not clear how the survey was conducted, but it is obvious that it is one in five married woman, if you take the most minimal percentage. And if we compare this figure with the statistics of divorce (more 55%), then all this is quite likely.

Viewed statistics and opinions relating to psychologists say that female infidelity - is a clear sign of trouble in the marriage. It is believed that the vast number of men who sought comfort on the side, consider their marriage successful, women also go "left" of despair, believing that marriage failed.

And all of that men can share sex and love, and we often - not. Therefore, after the men's infidelity is easier to change and save a marriage than after female. If a woman is unfaithful to her husband, then, most likely, a healthy love for him, she had not.

Sometimes it happens that a woman changes, do not focus on in advance, and because time does not work, "brake", and past grievances, difficulties in relationships manifest themselves. At this point it is important to find a stop-cock, to give himself time to think, "But if it's true what I want?".

Causes of female adultery

1. Husband does not pay attention

Sometimes family life partners begin to drift apart. The reasons for this can be many: and have a long relationship that grew into a routine and constant quarrels, and loss of interest in each other.

As a result, the husband can "escape" into a computer game, another passion, and literally can go to the garage and spend all his time with his "beloved wife" - machine. All attempts to get affection, attention or anything ending or duty sex without any emotions.

How to stop yourself:

With her husband in another reality - not necessarily virtual - can be an indication that you have ceased to interest him as a woman. And in this case we are talking not only about what you need to stop walking around the house in an old coat, with cucumbers on her face and hair curlers. Rather, you should pay attention to what you do not behave like a woman.

When the last time you bought new clothes? When pleasing herself cute trinket or favorite cosmetics? When mentally rested, walking in nature, or communicating with friends? When felt free when dancing, when we went for a massage?

Pay attention to yourself as a woman blossoming internally. Temporarily you will not to treason, and then the situation will change in the right way: either you will meet with another man legally ever again be happy with the legal spouse.

2. Weak in character husband

In fact, this is a big problem in the relationship, even if that reason does not lead to change. Man, as a man is inherently more balanced, stable and strong, must at all times hold a woman - calm, warn (in a good way: sometimes emotions take over, and is very useful when someone from the outside draws our gaze to mind), to direct.

Man - as the coast, which are designed to keep the river, showing where her swim. If no shores, river overflows, and the consequences of this, as you know, can be arbitrary. Woman feels impunity and permissiveness almost like a child, somewhere even specifically experiencing man. "How far can I go?", "How you have enough? When you show strength stuknesh fist on the table and say," Enough! ".

If a man does not see it, does not understand what he needs to do, in all reveals its weakness, sometimes a woman changes. Apparently, this is the last stage of testing. After the betrayal, leaving banks completely, river may fall into the sea and find a new, stable shore.

How to stop yourself:

Here you are required to sufficiently large force of will. Often simply understand what is going on, changing behavior. Behave according to the principle "once you say something, I'll do what I want," often do not like the woman herself. She wants to be soft and docile, but with such a man it becomes a bitch.

So be aware of the problem and begin to solve it. The problem can be either in you - you are too strong and powerful woman and just slaughter your spouse next to you even Terminator just a boy. Then rethink your character or your real need in these respects. Any problem in it, then talk to her husband, share with him your expectations from him.

3. Missing husband

Husband is always away on business trips or long trips, and she was alone. On your shoulders - the house, the children are likely to also own work.

Of course, this way of life sex would be a good discharge and a reminder to you that you - a woman. But her husband is now in Moscow opens third plant in St. Petersburg at the talks, held Gibraltar, being at the helm of a large ship. Anywhere, just not with you. And you get the feel that you "like" one. A one time, then appears on the horizon a man. And nothing, but you still married, albeit "as if".

How to stop yourself:

There may be several options. First, if his constant absence - a necessary measure, and both agreed to it, then constantly remind yourself why you both suffer it, tell yourself that her husband, too bad without you, but it does not change the fact, consider it a challenge, through which must pass. Along the way, you can just find yourself a creative activity which will take time and will release your creative sexual energy.

Second, if the work of her husband so much spoil your relationship that you are already thinking about the change, it is time to honestly admit it to him. If it is adequate people, appreciate your candor and will try to find a way out. If it is impossible to combine work with relationships, while prioritize.

4. Desire for revenge against her husband

You changed the husband, the husband offended, hurt self-esteem and self-esteem, all of which can give you, as it seems at the moment the green light to commit adultery. And with the words, "Oh, so, well, we'll see how I imagine anyone better I do not!" you go on a quest. And find.

How to stop yourself:

Remember, revenge - a dish that is not served hot. Give yourself time to cool down, "make" a plan of revenge. Talking with them, you probably will win time and allow yourself rashly commit follies. Well, when you've calmed down, think about what is the reason that you so desire to take revenge, and begin to solve this problem. Think that this will change? And has anything changed in a positive way?

5. Want diversity in sex

Or just sex, is also, unfortunately, it happens. For example, when, due to various reasons, the husband no longer is consistent with sex. Or married woman can not satisfy their sexual fantasies or needs.

How to stop yourself:

If the fact that you do not have enough diversity, talk with her husband, give him clearly to understand how it is important to you, how you feel without it. If that's the bad sex, too, can find a solution, if you do it together.

Harder if the husband suffers from impotence, and you're in the prime of life. Probably, this case is considered individually and better with a specialist, because cheating your relationship will not strengthen, but find a way out of your sexual energy in other ways (creativity, the use of additional sexual paraphernalia) is unlikely to succeed.

6. New sensations

This situation both from the regular women's novel. House husband Ivan, whom she knows better than yourself shkodnyh two kids, no ironing linen and diaries with deuces. She knows exactly for what reason can quarrel with the husband will look like reconciliation, she knows exactly how it will look her life tomorrow, for a weekend or a year. In other words, this stability and continuity envy any appliances.

And then - he said. This new, smiling, not painted in gray tones of her routine.

It can happen anywhere. It is important that a woman gets tired of the life that leads. Perhaps no longer feel like a woman, even in the presence of sex with her husband. With the new man she is young, can not help thinking that the house is not ready to dinner and my son did not learn the lesson. Sometimes these adventures turn into relationships, sometimes it ends with one or more meetings without obligation.

How to stop yourself:

In itself the decisive moment, when it is too late to say "no", the brain shuts down, so better to prevent such situations. In this case, you need to pay attention not to the family relationship, and your relationship with your husband as between a man and a woman.

How often do you spend time alone together, without discussing the problems son or deciding which sofa to buy? How much do you sexually satisfy each other? Return air in your relationship of love and even some romance. Otherwise, sooner or later you (or husband, by the way) want to get away from them as from the stuffy room.

7. Do you think that we deserve better

This is perhaps the reason for treason itself inexplicable. Includes all of the above a little. A woman is not satisfied with her marriage to her, he might as well-known suitcase without a handle. Throw it for some reason it can not. Probably not the courage or determination. But to carry it seriously because it's not the way you want, and actively work on the relationship she does not want / can not / can not.

Such a woman does not feel emotionally unfree, for her marriage - all only status that notorious stamp, which they say all men. For this reason, it has no boundaries, and even after the betrayal she does not feel particularly guilty.

By the way, the installation of "I deserve better", even if you have not changed and are not going to, can lead to irreversible consequences often by men. Any psychological attitude manifests itself in our behavior, and this - is no exception. Man will definitely feel it for you - not the best. This unleashes a man and goes "left" it is already.

How to stop yourself:

In this case, we must rely only on the natural integrity and moral principles. If that, and another is missing, betrayal is inevitable, and the marriage was doomed. If all the same moral component is, then it is worth it and work. Change my husband - not fair, you are also responsible for the relationships that once created together. Treason - a sign of weakness.

If you do not want to solve the problems in the relationship, believing that a man can find a better look, but legally. It's easy: applied for - and parted. If, however, a constant reminder to myself that betrayal - it's not fair that this behavior is weak, you will regret this once, found an echo in your heart, begin to unravel the tangle of problems with her husband. Better slow, difficult, but surely solve problems quickly and dishonest than run away from them.

In classical concepts within the family, women have been a symbol of loyalty, guardian relationships and inspiration for her husband to any changes. If a woman has changed, it means that it has changed not only her husband, but their roles and family. It follows from this that not only men have work to prevent the betrayal of his wife, but also for ourselves wives.


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