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Women's secrets: 10 exercises for better sex (video)

Want to improve your sex life - or just increase the chances of quickly come to the right mood? Start with fitness! Here 10 exercises for better sex, proposed by leading fitness trainers.


This exercise should already be familiar to you as a great way to keep toned legs and buttocks, but did you know that it can also cause a rush of blood to the sites that will increase your libido? "Sometimes you may want sex, but physiologically you do not feel ready, - says Debbie Mandel, an expert on fitness and author of" Addicted to Stress: A Woman's 7-Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life ". - Many women need in a small physical assistance to the blood rushed to his genitals. " She recommends squat.

Stand in position "feet shoulder width apart," and "make sure that the heel resting on the floor while you sit on an imaginary chair," - she says. "The lower you squat, the more you engage the buttocks, and the more benefits exercise brings. Repelled by the heels and hold your stomach sucked when you get up." Do the exercise slowly, it is necessary to perform 15-30 times.

Pose "a happy child"

Flexibility goes hand in hand with good sex - after all, who wants to get pain in the legs or paralysis of the back at the most crucial moment? That's why Martha Montenegro, a fitness expert and creator of the DVD series "Montenegro Method" recommends doing some stretching to make you more hardy in bed. "The most common causes of pain in the lower back are the rupture of tendons and hamstrings," she says. "In addition, after spending eight hours in sleep, vertebral discs produce a natural inflammation caused by an increase in homeostatic pressure."

And then the "happy child" pose comes to the rescue! "She will stretch her back and relax the muscles of the buttocks and ligaments, which have a very heavy load during sex in traditional positions, for example," missionary, "she says.Left on your back, pull your knees to your chest.Clip your feet with your hands that will make your knees drop even lower to the floor.Try to keep the ankles in relation to the knees so that the shin is perpendicular to the floor.If possible, apply pressure when pressing the palms of your feet - for deeper opening.You can let the coccyx slightly tear off the floor to minimal pressure on the lower back. Remain in this position for 3-5 minutes.

Lifting Belly

Want to learn an exercise that strengthens the muscles most actively used during intercourse? Try lifting the abdomen. "Women tend to suffer from pain in the lower back and sometimes it affects the choice of poses, as well as desire," - says Mendel. - Raising the abdomen as a bonus strengthens back muscles. "

Lie on your back with legs bent at the knees, shoulders back. Lift your abdomen up a relatively short distance (back under the ribs should not come off the floor), as if forming a small bridge. Keep press tense until strain your buttocks as if bringing them together. Then relax completely. Repeat 20-25 times (or less, if the exercise is too heavy).

Flexing biceps

How can you keep your arm muscles toned and simultaneously strengthen your sexual desire? Get your dumbbells off the back shelf and perform bicep arm bends. And that's why: "Medical research has shown that testosterone plays a key role in sexual desire in both men and women," explains Mendel. "Prescribing testosterone to a woman with low libido is a controversial decision that has many side effects." However, weight training increases its level naturally and is healthy, and helps you to reach the moment when you want intimacy. make your hair grow on your face and do not lower your voice.The "test" is extracted through dumbbells - natural and in very moderate doses.All you need to do is take a dumbbell acceptable (do not tear ligament) weight and bend and bend be the hand. As many times as you can.

Joint paired attacks

Recent studies have shown that couples who are engaged in sports together, and better sex. Because why not do some exercise with your partner? Mendel offers joint attacks, "a kind of romantic classical lunge on one knee: standing next to each other, keep your left hand with your right partner and together lunging same foot - so you are not inundated with each other. Repeat five times."

Want to understand how to do it right? One foot forward, the other back, slowly lower your knees as if you want them to touch the ground or the floor (but do not let them touch), keeping the knee flexion angle of approximately 90 degrees. Start with five exercises on each leg, gradually increasing up to ten.

Kegel exercises

If it comes to fitness, you should not forget about Kegel! These classic exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor, which any coach at any fitness center will advise, also have a positive effect on the ability to achieve orgasm, says Karena Down, a certified personal trainer who works in Los Angeles. "The essence of Kegel exercises is the tension and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles," she says, "By strengthening these vaginal muscles, you increase the pleasure of sex and achieve stronger orgasms, prevent a number of problems with the digestive and urinary systems, and prevent prolapse, pelvic organs. "

Correct Kegel exercises are simple: squeeze your pelvic muscles (those that control the start and end of urination). Hold them in this state for five seconds, relax, and then repeat. One approach - five minutes every day. You can do this exercise anywhere, anytime, in any position and in any place, as seen from the side that somebody performs - impossible.

Skating on the ball

The complex of internal muscles consists of more than 20 muscles and exercises with them "will give you strength that will help you to support the weight of a man without causing stretching of the back muscles," says Montenegro. "An excellent exercise that will develop the internal muscles and back muscles - here on the ball. " Start with the pose for push-ups - hands completely straightened and stand on the floor. The legs are brought together, the legs are on the ball. With the help of the muscles of the press, pull the legs to the chest, lifting the buttocks, but leaving the back and legs flat (it's easiest to understand by looking at the video from 2: 35). Do three approaches ten times.

Pushups on the elbows

Do one exercise that will make you more sexually confident, bold and strong? Yes: push-ups on the elbows, exercise for the abdominal muscles, a popular yoga. "This exercise develops the muscles of the arms, abs, obliques, thighs and buttocks - says Madeleine Castellanos, a psychiatrist specializing in sexual medicine and therapy. - These are important muscles that help you stabilize the body in the knee-elbow position, in pose any kind of "woman on top" or just when you change positions, maintaining contact with the genitals of a partner. "

Lie on the floor face down, palms put on the floor at shoulder height. In this position, your forearms should also lie on the floor, they will "work" as a support when you start to lift the body. Shift your weight on the pads of the toes while you leaning on hands and forearms, lift the body into the air. Try to keep the body straight as much as you can, do not lift the hips too high. Fully risen, hold the position for ten seconds, then relax, wait for three seconds and then go up. Do three sets of ten exercises.


Another pose of yoga that can enhance sexual pleasure - the bridge. "This exercise will help you strengthen your back muscles, glutes and hamstrings - says Dr. Castellanos. - This pose helps to strengthen the pleasure of sex, because that gives the muscles more strength and endurance that allow a woman to have a greater resistance during aftershocks men, reinforcing thus treat ".

Begin by lying on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Put your hands on the floor along the body, lift your hips and tighten your glutes. Lift your pelvis into the air as long until you start to rely on the floor only feet, hands and upper back (near the shoulders). Hold the position for ten seconds, then relax and get down on the floor. Pause for a couple of seconds. Do three sets of ten exercises in each.

Leg extension in a sitting position

Does shaking your shins during and after sex - and not in a good way? "Big muscles in the lower leg are often used during sex and usually get tired very quickly because it is such a large muscle group," - says Dr. Castellanos. Decision: The leg extension exercise in a seated position.

"Sit in a chair, which is easy to keep your back straight and the height of which is such that you can keep your feet at an angle 90 degrees," - she says. "Then lift one leg and straighten, keeping the second in the original position. Do three sets of 10 exercises on each leg."

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