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Live in a marriage better ... apart

A study by British scientists found that one out of ten households have separate bedrooms. It is also noteworthy that 7% of Britons prefer to spend more time with their pets than in the company of his partner.

About 7% married Britons prefer their spouses cats or dogs - it is with them they like to spend their free time. Moreover, 5% admitted that they would rather spend the night with your cat or dog than with his second half.

Recent studies have shown that couples during the week spend an average 22 hours to communicate with each other - this is equivalent to just over 4 hours a day. Almost half (47%) accused of lacking "quality time" spent together, a busy work schedule.

Family dinners at the table also passed away: almost a fifth of British couples (19%) regularly dine at different times and from 1 10 prefer to cook very different dishes than the ones he loves his partner.

15% describe themselves as "the polar opposite" to his partner. More than half (54%) of respondents say that they have completely different interests, hobbies and passions. Nevertheless, 44% couples find that having individual tastes and interests - a pledge of closer and warm relations.


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