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10 fashion tips from Evelina Khromchenko

Fashion expert recommends - that, like what to wear.

We decided to recall helpful tips and recommendations to the eternal feminine birthday girl questions: what, how and what to wear?

Council №1: how to choose the "right jeans"

Evelyn Khromtchenko: "There is a simple law of the choice of jeans: good only those that adorn your thigh. Otherwise, they just do not buy it. Belt jeans should not bump you into the body. It is believed that slim model with a high waist, but here, too, you have to be careful. It often happens that a woman's waist is thin, but the stomach acts. If the waist trousers are beginning to bubble, then the belly is even bigger. If you like the model with a very low-slung, do not combine them with short shirts and tops.


I always recommend wearing plain jeans - a win-win situation, they at least can not do much harm. Dark blue - in the spirit of the classic «Levi's 501». As for abrasions, they really are different: if the nicely arranged vertically, they narrow down your figure. If it is too thick vertical and wide angle or is unnecessary, on the contrary, are expanding. When worn highlighted horizontally and are too low, women's legs look shorter. "


Council №2: how to wear clothes with horizontal stripes visually enlarge figure

Evelyn Khromtchenko "Notorious horizontal stripes can limit jacket. Two black vertical lines on the sides save the situation. "


Council №3: how to add an image of youth and sexuality

Evelyn Khromtchenko: "If you want to add to your image of youth, vest - which is exactly what you need. Classic blue and white solutions better - uniforms, army, or intended for sailors, or for paratroopers. Buying these models PX, of course, you will need to shorten the sleeves. Fragile women are advised to take the men's size S, so that the shoulders of the thing does not look too wide. This is the best option! I assure you, they can easily compete with the famous vests from Jean-Paul Gaultier (Jean-Paul Gaultier) ».


Council №4: what way to choose a classic triumph

Evelyn Khromtchenko: "In classical celebration - the anniversary of a relative, colleague, classmate, teacher, best - usually a cocktail dress. I would not recommend anything longer, as well as satin, shiny, ruches, better to choose a single color, matte finish. In the midst of the holiday becomes hot, and should think about it in advance. You can put a deuce - dress-up box with short sleeves, covering the upper part of the arm and the top light coat or jacket of the same fabric for the event. And then, when all razogreyut, you can remove a coat or a jacket. "


Council №5: how to choose a skirt

Evelyn Khromtchenko: "It is important to ensure that the model is not too tight, as they say in oblipku. In this case, even at the very least it will be a lady not too profitable to show the details of her figure. The most dangerous - obviously customized fit in the hips. Strictly speaking, the others do not need to see what shape a woman's panties. "

Council №6: what to wear with a little black dress without sleeves

Evelyn Khromtchenko: "If your little black dress has no sleeves, being zatalennym sleeveless sheath, an attractive sexual point of view, put the top cardigan with V-neck or a jacket. Do not cover the bare arms shirts that some wear under a dress. Remember, you're not in a sundress! The dress does not make it possible to wear under it, no matter what it was, any jersey will look underneath pajamas and shirt - look unassumingly. "


Council №7: how to choose a white shirt women

Evelina Khromchenko: "I would recommend paying attention to a straight, non-tight silhouette, which does not have this nasty" tightness "inherent in women's white blouses that are sold in budget stores in department stores. Thin, "stitched" products made from cheap cotton give out all women's secrets mercilessly: besides the fact that they show the color of your underwear, which is unacceptable, especially in a business environment, they still show details of your body. Therefore, I strongly advise you to choose only straight cut. Do not be afraid that someone will not see your thin aspen waist, if it is available. A woman looks especially sexy in a white shirt, if she has a hint of a male form. This is what many celebrities prefer. Ever since the times of Marlene Dietrich and Audrey Hepburn. "


Council №8: how to wear white, so as not to look fuller

Evelyn Khromtchenko "White fat? It's all nonsense ... Unless you are ready to perform on television. Then your total white contraindicated because the TV screen adds any person seven kilos and seven years. And in the life of the white people can wear many different complexion. Then there are lots of different tricks that will come to your aid. For example, wear a jacket over a white shirt and buttoning it. Then two vertical lines will do everything that is necessary in such a situation, visually reduce your volume. "


Council №9: how to wear a trench to look fashionable

Evelyn Khromtchenko "Trench should not look new. So, if you just bought it at the store, immediately take him something. Remember and lift the collar, roll up your sleeves, give trench to the cleaners, so it does not look just bought. I would also not recommend to tighten the belt on the buckle, tie it to the assembly. Another piece of advice - do not fasten all the buttons on the trench. "


Council №10: how to choose the color of shoes

Evelyn Khromtchenko: "Personally, I support the fact that the shoes went on the color of clothing, it lengthens the leg. If, under the dark trousers suddenly start to look through the bright boots, then, you see, the leg is getting shorter. "

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