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10 trends next spring that you can adopt right now

In the fashion of the last week it has been so many wonderful that there are no forces to wait for spring to try things from the new collections. Chose 10 trends Spring-Summer 2017, which are quite suitable for life right now.


Fashion world fell in love with the space completely and unconditionally. As far 60-x, when interest in the space age only broke Andre Kurrezha presented his legendary snow-white collection "Space Age", which became one of the most significant for decades. Pierre Cardin came up with a collection of "cosmic body", Mary Quant began to actively experiment with materials like PVC, and Paco Rabanne worked with reflective materials.

For many decades, interest in space is not subsided. Designers around the world dreams about the future. Here and in the new season dresses, coats and trousers of metallic materials reminiscent of the costumes from a science fiction movie.

Striped jersey

In 1962 was bright striped things from Missoni created a furore in the world of fashion, changing attitude towards jersey forever. Ottavio Missoni and his wife Rosita Zhelmini showed that such a "boring" thing as a knitted sweater, can be quite a elegant, interesting and trendy.

Today, the image composed entirely of knitted things, is still popular (though very few get to look at it is not old-fashioned). We recommend limited to one subject: the bright turtleneck, skirt pleated dress or a narrow vertical strip.

Very long sleeves

Splash around with the length of skirts, trousers and tops, the designers decided to take up the sleeves. Generally, it is almost the most important trend of the next spring. Maybe not the most practical, but really unusual. Long, closing the sleeves brush hands were like those shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters, as well as in evening dresses. In order not to go beyond the sad Pierrot, try to modernize the image. Well, do not roll up your sleeve, otherwise what is the meaning?

Large earrings

Huge, massive, heavy earrings are one of the main decorations of past fashion weeks. Spectacular Cuff, chandelier earrings, giant monoserezhki and stones the size of a cobblestone. As you have seen, minimalism is not the main trend next spring, anyway, to decorate it just do not spread.

Wide pants

The following year, wide trousers made of thin cotton, chiffon and polyester will be sold in every store, and, most likely, they will be decorated with butterflies, flowers and other spring-summer paraphernalia. Who should buy a pair of pants a little wider. In our opinion, the heavy wool or tweed - a more interesting embodiment for this style.


No, you can not get away from ruffles and frills of any this year or next. Frills - a new fringe, the new black, the new trend, seized power in the fashion world. Multilayer silk dress from the air we only dream of, but the delicate ruffles at the cozy svitshotah, skirts and sleeves as - an option that is available right now.

Extra wide belt at the waist

As you have seen, "very" - the main definition of the past weeks. Very wide, very long, very shiny, very massive. If you choose a thing and can say with certainty that it is "very", then you are on the right track.

Spring gigantism affected and Straps. The belt must be wide, very wide, resembling a corset. Ideally, it is necessary to put on several seats, but if it is very tricky option, features a simple optical illusion.

Wide belts must be worn at the waist only, they look particularly advantageous in combination with the light dresses and blouses, but also the surround cardigan or sweater will be nice to get along.

Denim couture

Get ready for next spring oversize-dzhinsovki you can not do. Judging by the impressions, we are waiting for a lot of difficult things tailored denim. Skirts with ruffles, rich embroidery, frills, Basque, maxi length. We only used to the aesthetics of street 90-x, as the designers have moved for the next decade and pushing us to the glamorous zero. Remember denim tops, corsets? They are not far off.

Who should pay attention to the unusual denim dresses with long sleeves or midi skirts with the smell. They definitely serve you faithful service in the coming months.


Trend, with whom life can be a little more comfortable. If you are lucky enough to own a car (would have cried today, Leonid Yakubovich), you do not so important, what shoes to move in the winter, and if the arrival of the snow in your life appears disgusting dirty mess of salt and chemicals, the platform - the best you can buy in the near future.


The following season, designers are offering not just limited to one or two yellow objects, but to create a full image in shades of yellow. In the Russian reality is never enough sun, you need to add some color to life by artificial means.

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